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Anonymous posts on 2/16/2009 11:43:37 PM Christina is not a spoiled brat! What a lame excuse! That's just a ploy by her fans to do anything to destroy her credibility because they don't want to see Joan Crawford for what she really was. So in the process, they will do anything to walk all over Christina. And in this world, people seem to think that just because Joan Crawford was a great movie star that that somehow justifies the abuse. It took a lot of courage for Christina to speak out about the abuse considering all the people that have slandered her over the years including Joan Crawford's fans. Sadly, people only see what they want to see.
chase posts on 2/14/2009 7:52:08 PM you know amy she did not have mood swings she was strick like all superstars back then(like judy garland)Her dauther(christina)was greaty and all she wants is money! listen to this everybody everything christina writes about joan is a lie!
Amy posts on 2/14/2009 7:27:02 PM I think there were times when Christina had it better than most children (her early childhood when she had every material object any child would desire), and I think there were times when she had it a lot worse than other children (her mother's alcoholism and mood swings). But no, I don't really think she's a 'spoiled rotten brat'. Although even if you are right, the word would be 'was', not 'is'. I'm just saying...

Anonymous posts on 2/14/2009 6:03:23 PM christina is a spoiled rotten brat
Linda posts on 2/14/2009 9:06:02 AM I just want to say that everyone seems so concern about what Christina went through 50 to 60 years ago and rightfully so. But I am sure there is kids today going through the same thing, if not worse. Why not take all that concern and emotion and adopt some foster children or orphans-these children will probably never have a message board or a book or a famous mother. Nobody can change the past, we can only change the future and if people continue to look back, how can they look forward. So why not look in the present and help someone today--the world is a whole lot more messed up today then 60 years ago--SO HELP A CHILD TODAY! Instead of focusing on someone who made it through, and is alive and well. Christina is probably better off then most the people on this message board.
Rachel posts on 2/13/2009 11:48:02 AM I know there is always two sides, so that should open your mind too, and not believe everything christina says. And in your one post you said you wish I knew how she felt everytime someone didn't believe her. How do you know how she feels?
Amy posts on 2/13/2009 11:02:34 AM I didn't say you had to. I was trying to prove a point. Can't you open your mind for just a moment to see that there are two sides to every story?
Rachel posts on 2/13/2009 8:17:50 AM Sorry to disapoint you but, I'll never believe everything Ms. christina says.
Amy posts on 2/12/2009 11:46:27 AM Good, Rachel; that's just what I wanted to hear. Of course, I was also hoping that you would know how Ms. Christina Crawford felt every time someone said her life didn't happen the way it did when they weren't actually there. I guess that was hoping too much. Have your opinions all you want, just quit bullying people with opposing views.
Rachel posts on 2/12/2009 8:39:50 AM Well belive what you want I know that I didn't write that. So I'm not going to fight with you anymore.
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