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Paul Chandler posts supporting argument on 1/12/2005 7:12:32 AM I seem to think that the final singing of the song during the final credits is the full song"God Bless Us, Everyone". It begins: There was a man as cold as ice He would not mend his ways. He ____________ Etc.
Richard Auclair posts a message on 1/12/2005 2:54:29 AM Since the song "God Bless Us Every One" appears a few different ways in the musical "Christmas Carol", it's difficult to know which version you desire. I find the best version to be the one sung last, when Scrooge is haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, since it contains all the words used before plus an additional part in the middle. Let the stars in the sky Remind us of man's compassion Let us love 'til we die And God bless us every one In your heart there's a light As bright as a star in heaven Let it shine through the night And God bless us every one 'Til each child is fed 'Til all men are free 'Til the world becomes A family Star by star in the sky And kindness on human kindness Let me love 'til I die And God bless us every one
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