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domenick white posts on 10/20/2006 2:32:44 PM My first Christopher Hyde read and I literally could not put it down. I even carried the paperback to a doctor's office. The truth of this historical happening in 1939 really opened my eyes to the savage poltical machinations of those trying to control world events for their own selfish purposes. Thanks again Chris for this earnest expose. God Bless-D>W>
posts on 4/29/2006 7:07:58 PM I worked with Chris in a couple of rooms rented from a landlord, insurance company. We were a humble ( or not so humble) conglomeration of talent, pressed to advertising for our rent and wages. I was the graphic artist/recipient of all "HYDE". It remains to this day, the most rewarding and signifigant stage in my career. I am, as yet, a graphic artist and fitting in to the mainstream academia of graphic computer artists. Reflecting on my trials with Chris, as he poked and prodded me into constructing for him, the model of the F111A, which he used in 'The Wave", then balancing quite precariously on a swivel chair, to thumb-tack the fishing line harness that held the completed model, even through his howling low flight passes and his spinning of the model upon its mooring, as he penned said novel to paper...lest we forget, a very rewarding chapter in my life. In some way I was able to loose the thought and see the result. Since that time, so long ago I have come to respect a Churchillian quote, in as much as Chris was as Churchillian as a good ol' Ottawa boy could get, "Nothing in life is so exhilerating, as to be shot at, without result. That about sums up my experience with the Hyde. He was forever gunning ideas. Mind missles soaring, arcing, exploding in those small, rented, attic rooms. Wild and untamed and unforgetable. Keep up the pen Chris! Your graphist, Douglas

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