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Amber posts on 5/3/2009 4:43:46 PM When I read this book the first time i thought it was so funny. It also had great iinfo on AL in the 1960s that you can find rarely. If you didnt find this book interesting try not looking at it in an educational perspective. read it like youre reading it for a million bucks and you would enjoy it like i did.
shantel daggett posts on 12/18/2007 10:56:12 AM I read this book in 6 grade and it was a fantastic book
Tevin posts on 11/15/2007 4:35:02 PM The Watsons go to Birming ham is a very good book. I really injoyed in this book

Jessica posts on 8/2/2007 11:09:51 AM I read The Watsons Go to Birmingham for my 7th grade summer reading and I thought it was a wonderful book. Not just because I thought it was funny, but because it had a lot of historical information, which was great for my report. So, for those of you that disliked this book, try reading it again and look at in a different perspective. Enjoy the book and happy reading!
Lauren posts on 2/23/2006 3:49:19 PM HI! You are an awesomely coool author! I am doing a reserch project on your life right now! I am reading Mr. Chikees funny money right now and it is an awesome book! Who inspired you to write? Well I admire your writing so are influencing me to pursue my writing DREAMS!! YOUR AN AWESOME AUTHOR!!
Ann posts on 2/14/2006 10:01:02 AM I can understand some of you hating this book Why don't you try reading a few books at a lower grade level. To say you hate a book that you do not understan or an author that you have never met just shows of your limited vocabulary. You should try reading this Newbery book again when your reading has impreved.
madalyn posts on 2/5/2006 11:17:33 AM if you are intrested in reading this book then there are a few thing you need to know...1.this book is funny and exiting.2.this book is not sutable for kids under the age of 10 because they may try some of this crazy stunts that byron does or children in famiy does. i would recomend this book to kids 11 and older.
diana posts on 11/29/2005 2:28:29 PM Is the watson family bsaed on anyone you know? What inspired you to select period that you wrote about? What inspired you to write about bryon's lips sticking to the car mirror,one of the most humorous scenes in the book? What is your inspiration for writing?
Rach -girl posts on 8/5/2005 9:53:00 PM I thought the book was decent but nothing worth recomending. My Favorite character was Bryon because he made the book more interesting. It was hillarious when he got his lips stuck to the mirror because he loved himself so much
sophmore posts on 5/18/2005 7:07:50 PM whoever thought this book was boring and confusing, has a few problems, i mean i dont know how old you guys are, but i read it in 7th grade for english, and it was great. it had a lot of historical info in it to, about civil rights, thats why im doin a book report for history years later on it! so, maybe try reading it agian, and maybe you'll apreaciate it when you older. so there some advise
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