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Christopher Stasheff posts on 7/29/2010 7:50:03 PM Thanks for the thought, Mr. Lardon. We're trying to drum up interest online, something we can maybe show editors and convince them to re-issue the Rhyming Wizard. In the meantime, please check my Freinds' Ficgtion for the occasion new short about the happenings in Merovence.
Neil Lardon posts on 7/24/2010 3:13:40 PM I have been a fan of your books for a long time. I wanted to know if "Her Majesties Wizard" would be available any time soon in ebook format. For some reason, Amazon has two later books from this series but none of the earlier ones. I have misplaced my paperbacks and want to go back and reread the series.
Edward Stasheff posts on 7/12/2010 11:20:46 AM Chris has mentioned his website several times, but unforutnately it only shows up on the Yahoo! search engine for some reason. At any rate, the address is, and he's got a few new stories you might want to check out, and some fan art too.

Christopher Stasheff posts on 6/27/2010 9:22:23 PM I'll save you some gime and effort, Mr. Walker. It's simply that the books aren't selling well enough to justify a new edition. A new publisher called Arc Manor wil be putting out a new edition of WARLOCK IN SPITE OF HIMSELF, but in the meantime, I'm still writing. I'll publoish starts on several books on my own website. Check them, and "Chris's Friends," and tell me what you think. Thanks, CS
Grey Walker posts on 6/27/2010 10:33:27 AM Having been a fan of both the Wizard in Ryme and Warlock series I was curious as to why I hadn't seen any more of either in the bookstores, now it seems I have 80 someodd posts to read to find out whats been going on...
Christopher Stasheff posts on 6/10/2010 5:15:41 PM Sorry I missed the question so long ago, Catharine. The queen’s name was originally Cathleen, in keeping with the irish background of the series, but the editor wanted it changed to Catherine. I got a little balky and insisted on an older form of the name, to make it look more medieval. Thanks fot the query. Jon, I’m making arrangments with a new publisher called Arc Manor, so I may have at lest THE WARLOCK IN SPITE OF HIMSELF on e-book within a year or more. Thanks you so much for the kind words. Antoinette, THE WARLOCK was optioned more than twenty years ago, but nothing came of it. I agree, of course – it would make a wonderful movie. Some day, Dreamworks will realize that – though I’d by quite happy with SyFy. Wish they could spell their name right. Dave, you’re right about STARSHIP TROUPERS being perfect for a TV series, but I’ve noticed that theater people tend not to watch TV, and vice versa. Maybe they’ll notice when we put out the omnibus volume. Thank you all very much for your loyalty and kind words.
Antoinette posts on 6/8/2010 1:24:35 PM Thanks, Dave. Warlock would be a great TV series too. The lone scientist out amongst a world he never knew actually existed and his immersion into, and influence of, that world. Farscape fans would love it. I'm also a Star Trek fan and have to admit I didn't know about Starship Troupers. I thought at first it was that awful movie with Denise Richards and then realized the spelling was satire. I'm about to read those books.
Dave Leonard posts on 6/8/2010 12:34:54 PM Antoinette, that is a fantastic thought! I agree totally. And, well, in this day and age, a video game, too. Professor Stasheff, you should decidedly see if there is any interest. I could even see a similar idea for a TV show based on Starship Troupers. The format seems perfect, a new planet each week. (ok, maybe it is also because I am a huge Star Trek fan).
Antoinette posts on 6/8/2010 12:02:04 PM Dear Mr. Stasheff, We were just discussing ideas for movie remakes in another forum and I started going on about the Warlock series never having a chance to see the screen. Then when I surfed to check your status, I found this forum. I thank you for all the hours of enjoyment the Warlock series has given me and have to ask....Have you been approached to make a TV series or movie? If not, why not?! SyFy should send a truckload of money to your house and beg for a screenplay.
Jon Conyers posts on 6/4/2010 3:06:18 PM From one of your posts, "The latest idea is about a toy dragon who comes to life by returning to its home universe, taking the hero along with it. I really do appreciate the vote of confidence." You so need to go there! If editors/publishers are being a PITA, please consider an electronic house like Carina Press. You, I rank with a few authors (Heinlein, etc.); authors that I'd buy anything they had in print or pixels. Grocery lists.. whatever! And, I know there are others like me. If it is written, put it out electronically, and get paid 'by the drink'! I'd gladly buy you a drink any day!
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