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J. Lee posts on 1/1/2012 J. Lee has just written a review of Downbelow Station which you can see here
J. Lee posts on 1/1/2012 J. Lee has just written a review of Forty Thousand in Gehenna which you can see here
J. Lee posts on 1/1/2012 J. Lee has just written a review of Cyteen which you can see here

J. Lee posts on 1/1/2012 J. Lee has just written a review of Rimrunners which you can see here
Mike Wood posts on 9/9/2010 10:45:11 PM Without a shore I interpret this as the story of unifying two distinct cultures through the insight of one person who questioned or thought properly - one group are not visible to the other- a parallel with our society could be that they symbolise the unseen that serve – cooks, cleaners, protectors - those whose job is to serve. Those in comfort, with much to occupy them can easily forget those less fortunate/less able that are around them (or those that can’t be seen due to secrecy) to the point they are seen as invisible. Those in comfort aren’t to blame as it is easy and natural to think that not all are as comfortable as you. Invisible people may also symbolise the poorest parts of this country, where aspects of culture and life pass by many who have no desire to come in contact with the ‘invisible’ denizens. Alternative interpretation: that one member of one distinct group starts getting involved with the invisible members of society causing a wholesale change in the way the two group interact together Port Eternity Another culturally mixed society, but in this case the newest inhabitant came from a background of living out fantasy with servants - the fantasy may represent something seen as unwholesome although to the consumer, superficially satisfying. This existence changes when she comes into contact with others who were “trapped in the past” – in this sense the character would have felt belonging whilst understanding her new companions are also not without fault or outmoded belief – such is the diversity that no stones are cast at neighbours is how I imagine the society to work – to be cobbled together suggests making do, making the best with what you can and in that sense judgement would have been impossible given the range of belief and background. Alternative interpretation: here the lifestyle of the woman enables her to fit into cosmopolitan society with ease, enabling her to be welcomed into the community without causing waves or ructions Voyager In Night The three humans coming into contact with an advanced race and probed via computer and robotics… could be representative of the way real world citizens are dealt with after being contacted by the security services or by enlightened thinkers – the subjects are not directly spoken to, but rather are tested and manipulated using technology. This could represent Olga, Marta and I. Alternative interpretation: the investigators are frightened of their quarry or do not want to risk jeopardising their safety/future plans until totally sure of what they are dealing with/not ill/damaged goods Cuckoos egg novel In raising Haras Duun is ensuring that some level of connection across the races is maintained, thus promoting peace and understanding. The raising of the alien is thorough and in not being an isolated experiment meaning that it is a programme to be carried out again in future, and is visible to others. This could represent the engendering of a new form of politics, or a trial for a new way of growing the population, or a method of melding different groups together. It could be a metaphor for taking in citizens from another country, or for adoption. In its crudest sense it could be about a rogue element is being introduced into society, or it could be seen as a way of eventually planting a rogue element back in the opposition camp, however the benign description of the process sounds more like it is a part of plans to enhance relations rather than an offensive move against their enemy. That the conflict started in unclear circumstances indicates a lack of understanding on several levels. Alternative interpretation: whilst the plan to raise an alien is not what most want to hear, it is the fear of the unknown that causes fear and so whilst difficult for some to accept, the aim is of building links between disparate groups in the interest of greater understanding – perhaps talking about nations or within an organisation or across classes. Linking themes are of different cultures/identities, the building of links and relations, a search for peace, finding like minds. Maybe I’m being bigheaded but the group could be allegorical references to the situation that surrounds me and those I know or to me in the future in some cases. Gareth and Lynette – I find this sad…
julie posts on 1/7/2008 1:55:18 PM After reading the first book I was hooked! The next two are great. She's working on book 10 right now. I hope it is as good as the first three.
DJorzhion posts on 12/11/2006 11:14:54 AM Nov. 6, 2006 issue - This week, the 200-year-old neoclassical Baltimore Basilica will reopen its weighty oak doors after a two-year, $32 million face-lift. The restoration of America's first Roman Catholic cathedral is a triumph for preservationists, both for its history and design: it's considered the masterpiece of architect Benjamin Latrobe, best known for his work on the U.S. Capitol. After a dingy decline, the Basilica's lofty interior has been refashioned according to Latrobe's elegantly simple intentions, especially the restoration of skylights set high in the spectacular dome, which admit a heavenly light into the sanctuary below. But this successful makeover—paid for by private donations—highlights a real crisis: the hundreds of crumbling historic churches and synagogues across the country, whose shrinking congregations can't keep up—let alone restore—their decaying buildings.
posts on 6/10/2006 3:39:17 AM I'm reading the first book in his series right now and I can honestly say that it truly sweeps you along. It's absolutely - didlidudely awesome! :D
Linda posts on 3/20/2006 5:13:55 PM This series by Cherryh is great. Thoughtfull and thought provoking with a truly well developed alien society and culture.

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