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Neil posts on 10/18/2005 2:46:12 PM I hope this message finds its way to Claire LaZebnick. I too have a son that has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Like her son, he has the mind of a child in a man's body. He has a girlsfriend and it is very interesting to watch the dynamic between them. She has Aspergers like Perry and together they are very interesting to watch. Perry has grown to the point where he can now hold her hand or even put his arm around her. This is a huge step for Perry as he is very clumsy socially. We have even talked to Perry about the proper way to kiss a women. This was not easy. Believe me, I worry about the next step as he is likely headed in that direction. Like Claire's son you would not realize there is anything wrong until you have a conversation. Eye contact is poor, empathy is low or non-existant and the ability to seperate humor from fact is difficult. He is very sensitive, caring and also a lot of fun. I would love to exchange information as our son's are in the same place in their development.

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