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Teri posts on 12/22/2007 7:10:51 AM I just read a Clive Cussler book for the first time (Atlantis Found) and I have to say that although the story was good, it was just way too wordy. (I know that's an odd complaint for a book, but just bear with me.) Mr. Cussler seems to put way too much unnecessary detail in. He goes on and on with overly detailed descriptions of cars and other vehicles for one. I know he's a car buff, but come on; who really cares what kind of engine is in the car his girlfriend drives?? Mr. Cussler also seems to have a VERY sexist view of women. The first woman character he introduces in the book is a pretty red head and how does he go about describing her looks? He has some guy check her out while she's not looking. Then throughout the rest of the book she's this helpless little nothing who relies totally on Dirk and Al to rescue her. At one point Dirk tells her "We're going to take you safely home." *Cheesy* The next line just makes it worse. "His words had a soothing effect, and her expression of dire anxiety slowly altered to simple uneasiness. She placed her explicit trust in him." I guess he left out the part about the poor helpless little girl swooning! Give me a break! (I don't even want to think about the part where she took off her bra to bandage his hand! Sheesh!) Also on the subject of the women in his book, Mr. Cussler actually has two different women call their men "Lover". I don't mean they referred to them as their lover. I mean they called them "Lover" like it's a nickname. I don't know about anyone else here, but that sounds very trashy and I don't know any women who would call their boyfriend or husband that. With all the stuff I think he could have edited out the book would have been only about 2/3 of what it is and still been entertaining.
ian birchall posts on 11/6/2007 8:32:19 AM what is the title of the book ,where dirk pitt meets the mother of his children.
AtlanticCruiser posts on 9/26/2007 4:21:05 PM Speaking of maritime adventures, has anyone read Tom Ryan's A Sword for Pizarro? It's like Cussler's books in terms of water thrills but the characters are more relatable. Try: or Amazon I believe.

vickislo posts on 8/27/2007 8:31:11 AM regarding the movies.... its all well and good making the movies but they never are as good as the books! Having read the collection of earlier works I have found that I can keep going back to them time and time again. Not so with some of the later collaborations. They tend to be hard going at times. Still adventure and excitment keep us hanging on. Keep it up!!!!
MARK posts on 8/25/2007 9:26:03 PM I have been reading Clive Clusser for some time now and have enjoyed the stories and adventures. Reading 23 of his books I have not been disapointed in the stories and plots that twist and turn and have lows and highs. The history that surounds the stories is fansinating. There is always the unexpective to look forward to. Stories and novels are like art. Either you like it or you don't. It's ok to dissagree with the story line. But if you like adventure, you are in for a exciting treat. I hope Clive continues to write and his son particiapates more in the writings in the future. The sea has so much to offer and the history of adventures we all do not know of, have been done and should be looked at and explored.
V.McDonald posts on 5/23/2007 1:40:20 PM List of Clive Cussler's Books, printed only in paper back. Does anyone have this information and willing to share. Thanks
Wolfgang posts on 12/21/2006 2:26:29 PM I don´t know if I can send here my webside with all cussler-books and all covers, but at least here comes the list asked for in september (sorry for beeing so late): 1.The Mediterranean Caper (1973) 2.Iceberg (1975) 3.Raise the Titanic (1976) 4.Vixen 03 (1978) 5.Night Probe (1981) 6.Pacific Vortex (1983) 7.Deep Six (1984) 8.Cyclops (1986) 9.Treasure (1988) 10.Dragon (1990) 11.Sahara (1992) 12.Inca Gold (1994) 13.Shockwave (1996) 14.The Sea Hunters (1996) 15.Flood Tide (1997) 16.Dirk Pitt Revealed (1998) 17.Serpent (1999) 18.Atlantis Found (1999) 19.Blue Gold (2000) 20.Valhalla Rising (2001) 21.Fire Ice (2001) 22.The Sea Hunters II (2001) 23.White Death (2003) 24.Golden Buddha (2003) 25.Trojan Odyssey (2003) 26.Lost City (2004) 27.Sacred Stone (2004) 28.Black Wind (2004) 29.Polar Shift (2005) 30.Dark Shift (2005) 31.Skeleton Coast (2006) 32.The Treasure of Khan (2006) 33.The Navigator (????) Well, I hope this helps...
Anne Phillips posts on 12/19/2006 10:35:36 PM I'm afraid I gave up aftere Clive Cussler disappeared. Kirk Austin just does not do it for me. And as for Black Wind, I absolutely hated it. I do watch Sea Hunters on TV and love it
Betty J Sullivan posts on 12/19/2006 9:29:20 PM I have read all of your previous books and am a great fan. Some are better than others but hey, that's ok. In fact I just also bought Skeleton Coast but have not read it yet. I thought the Kahn book was just great. Dirk and family got into so many "scrapes" that I could not put it down, all 500+ pages. Can hardly wait for the next one which I imagine will take some time before we see another. Thanks so much for so many hours of good reading thru the years.
fddddf posts on 12/19/2006 6:57:09 PM im sorry to say but i find clive cussler's books very dull. i had to read one of his books for a class and could'nt get into it at all
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