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T. Smith posts on 12/23/2005 4:28:32 PM I don't know where any official reviews are listed, but I loved the book! I am reading the others in this series. I will warn you, though, it is quite an intense read. There are so many characters and so many events happening at the same time, you have to really pay attention to keep track of everyone and everything. I found the depiction of life in that era fascinating and wanted more when I came to the end of the book. I recommend it!
Lesely posts on 12/16/2005 9:44:26 PM I have just finished reading Cilleen's latest book On Off if any one wants to read a great thriller with a great twist at the end read this. I didn't know Colleen could write such a great thriller. I love her as an athour but this has opened a whole new side to her. Please Colleen write some more like this.
Lynne posts on 12/4/2005 1:23:33 PM I am looking for a book review about "The Grass Crown" (1991). Please?!

Vanetta Harries posts on 9/22/2005 10:44:52 PM I am reading Morgan's Run - I'm at the stage where he is incarcerated in Gloucester gaol. Merely 200+ years separate us from the living conditions of the era when the book was set, and as a native of Gloucestershire I am familiar with many of the places mentioned in the book. I'm trying to recall when the hygiene of people and places 'took off' - when putrid drains, water and air became a thing of the past. I am finding that I can imagine much of the content of the book....especially the smells!! The closest I can get from my experiences is the aftermath of a cyclone in Mauritius when the drains backed up and sewage floated down the streets and into our hotel. It was our misfortune to have a room on the ground floor, with our bags and shoes on the floor (soaking up the grot). The memories will never leave me (they do say that smell is an enduring legacy from our past ). This is absolutely true for me. I'm 'looking foward' to the stench aboard the ship to Australia when Morgan is shipped out, Oh dear. Too, too, too much realism for me....but I'm really enjoying the book. All the best, Vanetta

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