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Lindsey posts on 12/12/2008 12:21:23 PM yes. the book was banned due to its anti war theme.
O.W.Maloney posts on 3/3/2008 11:24:44 PM Trying to determine if Dalton Trumbo's "Jonny Got His Gun" was ever banned ?
Mark posts on 6/21/2005 5:07:40 PM There's a fantastic little-known stage adaptation of Trumbo's book Johnny Got His Gun that actually has an upcoming production in New York City this August. It was adapted for the stage (into a chilling one-man show) by Bradley Rand Smith in the 80s, and now it's back in NYC. It's every bit as powerful as the book, and in a very different way because Joe Bonham, the main character, is right in front of you. The script handles his deformities very intelligently. It's a must-see for any Trumbo and/or Johnny fans, or anyone interested in war-related literature or performance. If you're around NYC this August, I really recommend experiencing the play. sleepless. lookoutplayers. org

Rachel posts on 1/7/2005 3:15:00 PM try looking on Ebay for the film they always have loads

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