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hazmatt posts on 11/5/2005 9:20:06 PM I was completely blown away by Hyperion and the Fall of... Then it got a little strange (but wonderful). What drew me to the series, despite my love for Science Fiction, was the modeling of that original work on the epic Canterbury Tales. That such a prosaic and original work could be based on the classic, convoluted yet archetypal literary tome completely blew me away. Endymion and the fall of left me yearning for more such literary "conceits" yet the plot and characters didn't satisfy me in that way. I still hold up the series-complete as one of my all tile favorites for it's overarching and grand theme yet I felt Simmon's had abandoned the model that lent such Timelessness to Hyperion. I'm still reading Olympos but I had to give a shout-out somewhere--went looking for an email address to write to Simmons himself but haven't found it yet. I've come across a character passingly referred to (among other names) as Moneta and it has all come alive for me again. Olympos (and Illium, though I didn't fully appreciate it when I first read it) is as much a literary tribute as Hyperion. This work, however, is more accurately described as a meta-literary nod. Truly amazing. pardon the gush, just had to share.
sadia arfin posts on 9/19/2005 7:00:08 AM I wasn't sure how to get hold of Dan Simmons directly via email. Hoping that this will be passed on. I've read Summer of Night few years ago. And this is my 3rd time round. Its a beautifully illustrated book. Much of the characters reminded me of my childhood freinds and memories.The school represented so much of the school that I attended. Fell in love with the book Immediately. Its nostalgic, sweet innocent memory, homesick feeling, summer's lemonade drink feeling, the churrping of the bird, running home to watch the cartoon just after school broke. These are all my feelings put together. What I really wanted to ask was, has this book ever been considered in to a movie. I believe it will make an excellent movie with new casts so that the audience have a fresher approach to these characters. Stephen Kings IT was a good movie, however, the actors of the adult age really spoilt it. I hope Dan Simmons have put some thought in to this. His work is great!! Sadia Arfin

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