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posts a message on 6/26/2006 5:46:34 AM My mother and others have been telling me for years to watch Dances With Wolves - that I would love it. For some reason - maybe because it's a western or perhaps it's 3 hours long, I was nevere interested in viewing it. Then last night I saw it was going to be on the Western channel. With nothing else to do, I launched into the 4 hour epic. Today at lunch, I asked my Mom why she didn't press me harder to watch it! I was simply blown away. Even at 4 hours, I was not ready for it to end. I had developed a relationship with the Sioux. Never before have I seen Native Americans portrayed in such a realistic manner - proud, loving, family-oriented, independent, and values-driven. I wept during parts of the movie when the senseless killing of animals was depicted. And the ending... wow. I was speechless. All the way through, John Barry's powerful soundtrack was incredibly inspiring. I love this movie. Haunting, joyful, sad, and beautiful are some of the words I'd pick to describe it. It's easy to see why it won 7 Acadamy Awards, includig Best Picture of 1990. If you haven't seen it, take my advice and see it! I'm pressing as hard as I can.
posts a message on 5/3/2006 10:11:31 AM Can anyone out there tell me what the Lakota would be for this name? Please e-mail me directly if you have an answer for me. A friend needs to know ASAP.
sai posts a message on 11/27/2005 5:19:30 AM a fantastic movie which really touched me. had heard that it was a good movie but had never imagined it to be so different and it came as a surprise. however there are some loopholes in it. The portrayal of the enemy tribe of the Sioux and also "stands with the fist". So the lady had to be a white woman in order for Dunbar to fall in love with her! but despite these loopholes dances with the wolves was an amazing journey through the native american world. Sai

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