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Mary Gouveia posts on 3/8/2009 11:35:07 AM I am missing Kaleidoscope,The Promise,His Bright Light, No Greater Love,Crossings,Bright Light,The Gift,Crossroads, Echoes. Can anyone tell me where to get the DVD's or VHS's I would greatly appreciate it.Hoping
Cindy Sandbeck posts on 2/20/2009 5:33:41 PM Why??? I just finished the book about Nicky, and am writing this with tears and swollen eyes,yet. My son and Nick must be close to the same age, my son will be 28 this year, I also had alot of trouble with my boy. Why Danielle, didn't you donate Nickys body to science and maybe just maybe something could be figured out about this tragic disease-Bipolar. I am so lucky my son is still alive, some of the things he tells me now, I just cringe. Your book is so moving, and I also, for your families sake,hope it helps other people and I'm sure it will.. I hope the doctors did a seretonin level on Nicky and should all of these younger boys, because as a nurse I believe this level has a lot to do with their struggles, they do end up growing out of it, but in the meantime we seem to have a lot of suicides. Thank you for your story, and how hard it must have been, but also hopefully, being a great writer, how it helped you with your grief. I cannot even imagine. Sincerely, Cindy
Janet V.Nabers posts on 11/30/2008 2:00:27 PM I'm trying to find Crossing's on DVD.Help.

Lisa posts on 8/22/2008 10:17:40 AM I found and purchased a DVD-R of Danielle Steel's mini-series "Crossings". Even though it's a copy it is as good as buying a used DVD. I found it on I purchased it from the seller kbraptor for $11.95 + $3.00 postage. It was well worth the $14.95 I paid for it. Awesome movie. Hope this helps.
eydie adams posts on 2/5/2008 7:02:33 PM Why isn't Danielle Steele's miniseries Crossings out on DVD? Every other miniseries ever done is out on DVD -- What's the problem?
Michael Robinson posts on 7/22/2007 3:03:40 PM Danielle Steel's "Crossings" is one of my all-time favorite movies. I have probably seen it a dozen times over the years. Is it available on DVD or VHS? If so, any ideas where/how I might obtain a copy? Thanks for the help.
martha posts on 10/26/2006 8:06:09 AM for all who have posted messages looking for it - it is available on amazon UK in vhs format
posts on 10/13/2006 8:36:38 PM I have read almost Mrs.Steele books but i cant find His Bright Light and i'm dying to read it
posts on 9/15/2006 1:13:29 PM I too am looking for Danielle Steel's "crossings" on VHS or DVD. If anyone has any info, I'd really appriciate it. Thanks.
posts on 8/21/2006 4:21:17 PM Can anyone help me find a copy of the mini-series "Crossings.
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