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Robert Caler posts on 3/17/2006 7:04:41 PM has just started reading your books and she can't put them down. she loves your work and would like to find all of them to start recieving them so she can have a good collection besides horror yuck!! SINCERELY YOUR NEWEST & BIGGEST FAN MY WIFE-TO-BE SHERRY L. SNYDER-CALER
Amy posts on 3/8/2006 7:21:20 PM I would hope that she would write part two of The Gift! It was the best book I have ever read. I did not want it to end!
Angela Goodwin posts on 3/8/2006 3:38:41 PM I also am tring to locate a copy of VHS/DVD Crossroads. Can you supply me with an area as to where to look? Thank you.

Linda posts on 3/6/2006 2:57:21 PM Tamra, My email I want Crossings on video. Thanks so much
pat posts on 3/6/2006 2:49:41 PM Hi, I am also trying to purchase the dvd of crossing. If anyone has a suggestion I would really appreciate it.
Tamra Needham posts on 3/2/2006 12:29:12 PM give me some hints as to what you e-mail address is and I will email the info to you about how to get a copy of crossings.
Zoa posts on 3/2/2006 8:05:10 AM I too would like the movie. I have it on VHS but it is in Pal format (overseas) cannot play it on American tv. Ebay has dvd now but want 120.00 for it. too much for me.
dawn posts on 2/6/2006 2:20:17 PM if you go to a m a z o n you can locate a lot of the movies you all are looking for except for crossings, but thanks to Tamra she helped locate that one :-)
Glo posts on 2/4/2006 10:35:28 AM I have been trying to find the movie as well. No luck so far from either Blockbuster or Barnes & Noble. I have seen it very lon ago(1980)??? and I believe the person who plays the male part is the same guy who is the father on 7th Heaven.
Toni posts on 1/11/2006 7:46:55 PM Mary Larkin I could not paste together your email address, sorry I wish I could have, I guess I will have to try to go through Columbia House to see if they have them again.
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