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Anne Dalesandro posts on 7/7/2005 12:06:12 PM I am looking forward to reading your promised book on depresson. When do you think it will be published? Good luck with it.
Anthony De Nicola posts on 3/7/2005 8:24:37 AM Dear Ms. Merkin: Your column in this past Sunday's times really struck a chord with me. Your analysis/description of the events and publicity currently surrounding the Charles & Camilla relationship and pending wedding have, I believe, accurately and completely described the sad state of our popular media today,the prurient interests of the vast majority of the first world population (clearly when you don't have to worry too much about where your next meal is coming from, you tend to focus on these weighty matters) and the incredibly shallow hero worship of celebrities, particularly women, who do all they can to remain "youthful," regardless of how foolish they really are or how it makes them look to others. It also speaks to how shallow most men (particularly older ones) are. As the sixty five year old husband of an accomplished and successful woman (who also happens to be attractive and vivacious), the father of two grown daughters and the grandfather of two delightful granddaughters (as well as a son and three grandsons), I can only say that I concur with your comments and conclusions and deplore the behavior of far too many of my fellow human beings, men and women, who only prize physical beauty in women and who focus far too much of their time and energy on the behavior and activities of celebrities of all types, politicians, rock stars, athletes and royalty. Would that all this energy and focus be directed towards the serious and weighty world problems that impact on all of us. In my opinion, if the time, energy and money that is expended on the pop culture phenomenon were to be redirected to the many worthy causes and activities that need it, the world would be a better place for many people. Thank you for your insight into this issue, which I personally believe goes far, far beyond Charles and Camilla, what the Queen will or will not do about their wedding and what the press, British and American, will have to say about it all. Very truly yours, Tony De Nicola
Jessica posts on 1/23/2005 10:43:19 AM Dear Lynne Ewing: If you are accually reading this, I want to let you know that I just recently finished the 12th Daughter of the Moon book. I really enjoyed the books, and in fact, I read the first 8 books in a week, because I found them so good. I was wondering if you were planning to continue the series. I really hope that you will, because I still dont know what happens to Vanessa, Catty, or Serena. Also, The Atrox has not been distroyed, and this is one of the important plots of the books. Please consiter writting more books so other readers, and I, can learn how everything ends. Thank you! Your fan, Jessica

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