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wanda posts on 8/9/2009 2:15:54 PM I read all three books that had Traed helping in one way or another. but you have not written about his life or his story. I'm sure he has one story to tell. And about the woman in his dream.
Dawn posts on 7/21/2009 2:38:57 AM I love dara joys books stated with Knight or a trillon stars. I wish she would continue with that series i wanna no what happens with tared and what happens with rejar now that he found his true power.. I keep waiting and looking for a new book. Dara if you read these plz continue to right about these charactors!!!!
elizabeth posts on 7/2/2009 5:07:18 PM I am a huge fan and avid reader. average 1 book per day.I started ready Ms. Joy's books several years ago and instantly LOVED them!!! Ms. Joy, please continue to write!!! You have a huge fan base and we all love you writing. I can't wait to read you next book.

Donna posts on 1/5/2008 8:19:58 PM I agree with the other messages. I keep looking for the fourth book in the series but haven't found one yet. I really would like to know what happens to all the characters - what happens after everyone realizes how powerful Rejar is in the third book (which is about his uncle but includes glimpses of the whole family). I feel that Ms. Joy has let her readers down by not having followed up with the series. It is like watching a GREAT movie and missing the last half. Please continue writing instead of leaving us hanging......
R, Gough posts on 9/5/2005 8:58:26 AM I would like to see the series on the Familiars continued. To find out what happens to these very interesting and very lovable character would indeed be a joy to myself and other Dara Joy fans. Thank you for sending our imaginations into such a world.
Chrissy Demars posts on 9/3/2005 11:46:10 PM I really would like to see dara joy finish her writing on the character traed and the wizard yaniff I really hate to see things unfinished and I have a reading group that pretty much feel the same way. we all are hooked on this series and would hope she could finish this for us. She is such a tremdous writer and by this series is just amazing and I can tell you I have read them more thatn once. sorry for taking up your time.

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