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Sam Say posts on 9/3/2013 3:59:43 AM Reading the Other Romanian, my second Quinn book and enjoying it. just read the line about not liking San Francisco because it's cold and it's damp, so I guess you could call me a tramp. That's why Quinn's not like the rest of the broads.
darryl ponicsan posts on 3/29/2013 6:34:46 PM Thanks, Sam, for your kind remembrance. Always nice to know.
Sam Say posts on 1/31/2013 1:08:40 AM Darryl, you were my sophomore English teacher. One of the good ones, like Mr. McDonnell. You challenged maturing minds with a lot of substance mixed with a measure of love and understanding. I've remembered and benefited from that. Thank you, Mr. Ponicsan. I'll be downloading the new novels.

cathy briggs posts on 2/11/2011 3:44:03 PM Daryl, Hi my name is Cathy Briggs and I used to clean house for Maryann when she and the kids lived in White Meadow Lake. I'm sure she will remember me. My name then was Cathy Szekula. Got married again since then. I can't tell you how often over the years I've thought of Maryann and the boys. I moved to Texas in 1980 but when I go back to Rockaway to see my son, I always go up on Hibernia Rd to see the ole' house. Please let her know I truely miss her. She is an awesome person. She taught me how to be strong when I needed to be.
Marc Biolley posts on 10/22/2010 5:12:15 AM Why didn't Mr. Ponicsan ever write a sequel to Cinderella Liberty, it seems a perfect story to have a sequel and the characters in the book leave you wanting to know what happens to them.
Darryl Ponicsan posts on 6/29/2010 7:30:33 PM To Equi.... Yes, I did. The teacher was Wirt Williams, who became a friend and mentor.
Equiscribe posts on 6/29/2010 7:10:55 PM Did you study creative writing at Cal State Los Angeles? If so, do you remember the teacher's name?
Ronald Mikita posts on 2/10/2010 7:39:09 PM Darryl I am Ronald Mikita, a boyhood friend of your brother and you from Shenandoah. I visited your mother Anne back in late 80's with my mother Helen. Helen was a good friend of your mom during the 1930's - 40's. Just wanted to see if you remembered me or my mother. (Not easy to send you a message, and hope this gets to you.
Laura Jane posts on 10/24/2009 8:53:42 PM A retired NAVY capt., now actor, by the name of Alexander "Sandy" Bewkes said he was the real life fellow in The Last Detail that Jack Nicholson played. He said Jack studied him and he had a blast and got off of Navy duty for awhile to help with the movie. Fun trivia, can you confirm?
Anastasia Mulhall Goldstein posts on 3/6/2009 6:45:22 PM Thank you for your reply. Leo is a cousin to my late father. I am glad he is still alive its been a while since we have communicated.
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