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sad posts on 6/7/2008 12:00:15 AM Please pray for me now I dont want to go and not have a life
Taumpy Tears posts on 6/6/2008 11:56:37 PM You never have to worry about that hunny. We're soul mates, remember? :)
Tom Petres posts on 6/6/2008 11:50:25 PM just dont leave me I want to be with you for all time

Thom Peeters posts on 6/6/2008 11:41:53 PM Dave is gonna turn our conversation in to a book. Baby I dont know what its like to have anxiety as bad as you but I do know depression. And I know that you will make it out of it. I also know that if I do my best for you and keep you smiling, you wont ever have to worry about it again. And that's my pledge to you. Love :)
Young Nala posts on 6/6/2008 11:34:08 PM I know I apologize about this all the time but I have the hardest time not thinking about death and I never thought about it till now im so scared of being away from you. Depressed people think of death alot and yeah i have been depressed most of my life but I never thought I would actually die until now. Dont ask me why I think it but I do and I try so hard not to but its so hard when all your fears hit you at once 24/7. I guess the one thing that really gets to me is how I met you then immediately I experienced all this. I want my life back and I want it back now I feel like I have been waiting and waiting forever. I dont deserve this anymore, I really think I deserve an ounce of happiness, relief, fun, relaxtion, from everything I have been through in my life. I never lied to you when I said I have had a hard life but im still here and I pray that soon i can be out in the real world again relearning everything I have lost due to my excessive use of drugs. I just dont want to think of my soul being lost, wandering the earth because I had unfinished business and knowing that you found someone else would kill me again.
Young Simba posts on 6/6/2008 11:23:06 PM Did you guys read Kenneth Pelzer's new book? It's called: I Love Poopy Pants, My Brother's a Meanie. It's a cracking good read. PJ's I know you're getting bad, thats why I hold nothing against you. But like I always say I'm never leaving your side, and I have faith that you will be yourself again. Remeber to do all you can to fight negative thoughts, replace them with dreams of happy futures and you will make it.
PunkJax posts on 6/6/2008 11:18:15 PM Richard can give you any fix you need-heroin, weed, X, speed, acid, you name it. anyways i guess what i dont understand is how richard can do all this stuff and i didnt and hes normal. My body is all screwed up im very sad and scared you will end up with someone else. I cant help that I think of death alot, its funny that I never ever even thought "hey this could kill me like that" when I was takin 4 or 5 pills at a time chugging beer, soco or whatever, or i never thought of it when i totalled my car almost impaling my body with a light pole. My anxiety has gotten so bad that I think of alot of things, its so severe and I pray ill come out of it, cuz if i dont ill never have a life with you, which is all I want-3 wishes-my health, my sanity, you.
SnuggleBurrrrry posts on 6/6/2008 11:08:25 PM Is this the Richard Pelzer messageboard? I wanted to see if he can get me some weed. Anyways I love my snuggins and I pray she gets herself back because I cant wait for her to enjoy life again. We gotta lot of livin to do and I want her to be with me through all of it. I love her dearly. 68 lbs.
PunkJax posts on 6/6/2008 11:01:40 PM Yeah this aint related to Dave Pelzer go ahead cry me a river. I just wanna say that I love my snuggleberry so much. I feel so bad that my depression has caused me to be very mean at times. I hate being in pain and I know that I have caused most of it. All I want is some relief so we can go have real fun and enjoy life. Theres nothing I want more than to get my real body back, my mind back and to enjoy every single day of my life. I want to be your wife and your only love forever and ever. I dont want to be sad anymore, never again will i touch drugs or alcohol. I just want god to heal me and give me a second chance so i can live a long life with you my love.
Huge Dave Pelzer Fan posts on 6/6/2008 5:18:12 AM Is it true Dave Pelzer is now married for the third time and now has step-kids? I want another installment. An update 'tome' on this life.
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