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thoughts posts on 4/26/2010 5:53:58 AM Polgara - CZJ - yes. Silk - how about bradley cooper? he's got a rattish quality...don't know if he could act it though...what about edward norton? garion - absolutely an unknown ce'nedra - isla fisher belgarath - sean connery would be great. i want clive owen in there somewhere...zakath? velvet - rachel mcadams. she's got the dimples and the sweetness but can do the wolf in sheep's clothing thing. i definitely pictured the murgos as asians...with the eye descriptions... and agree with the algars being native americans.
Jenny posts on 6/24/2009 1:42:01 PM Totally agree with Megan Fox as Zandramas. I used to think Angie Jolie but she is too old now!
Patricia posts on 6/24/2009 3:53:41 AM Dustin Hoffman?? I guess he has the nose, but rattish looking face I doubt it...I guess the Algars are more like the American Indians, can imagine how Hettar would look like.... I guess the Sendars would closely resembled Aussies, they're so laid back! Tom Cruise?? Can picture him as Torak though and Megan Fox reminds me of Zandramas....

Alyssa posts on 4/20/2009 1:54:15 PM Dustin Hoffman just doesn't seem slick enough.
Dazza38 posts on 4/16/2009 12:32:21 PM Hmmm....Silk how about Dustin Hoffman? He has the nose...
Alyssa posts on 4/1/2009 4:05:38 PM Murgos with Aussie accents? Thats utterly ridiculous! Funny shaped angular eyes... I think Aussie would be the last accent I picture a Murgo having.
Cyndi posts on 1/2/2009 6:47:26 PM I always pictured the ulgos or the murgos having Aussie accents. Someone should be french! King Cho Hag maybe?
Steve Eldred posts on 1/1/2009 10:34:21 PM The Belgariad would make a thrilling cable series. Appropriate casting of the characters would be paramount to it's success, however. With all due respect, Tom Cruise is a ridiculous suggestion for Silk. Sean Connery would be perfect for Belgareth, but he's retired from acting. If he wouldn't do Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he certainly wouldn't commit to a multi episode cable television series. A young Jane Seymore would have been wonderful as Polgera, so a beautiful, talented and charismatic actress like her would be a good fit. Ray Winstone as Belgareth is an interesting suggestion. Danny Devito as Beldon would be an interesting fit, but he's pretty old for the character. Belgarion and Ce'nedra could be new actors not yet seen, perhaps Australians.
Cyndi posts on 1/1/2009 1:12:24 PM I so think these should be made into movies. (Tom Cruise is to tall to be Silk;)) ULLBAN!!!! i loved him, what happened there? BRAND IS A HORRIBLE IDIOT!! If you are making a movie you should post the auditions somewhere and tell us where, cuse i'd love to be Ce 'Nedra!
The Miner posts on 12/9/2008 11:15:33 PM I think that Tom Cruise might be a good choice for a Silk in the movie. (If there is one)
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