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Karen posts on 7/31/2008 8:13:59 PM I also think it would be good to have the Belgariad and the Mallorian made into live action movies. I however, think Sam Neill would be a great Belgarath and Lucy Lawless would make an excellent Polgara. I have really enjoyed reading these books and got my 2 aunts reading them as well. Hope he does another installment of them .
cyndi posts on 7/8/2008 11:25:21 AM eddings is a brilliant writerand ihave read the Mallorian and Belgarid series more than once. i started in 99 when i was going through chemo, they are funny and in some crraazzy way comforting. i dont think Uma Thurman is a very good choice for Vella she just is not voluptuous enough. but Connery and Devito as Belgagrth and Beldin, PERFECT!! I think they should ndo it more like "300" It would bevery cool!have you red Althalus? every time i read it i see Gary Oldman in the part of Althie.
Hayley posts on 4/22/2008 1:50:48 AM Hey, I started readings eddings when i was 12. Loved them. Since them i have read all the series at least once every second year. My copies are falling to bits but i can't bring myself to buy new ones. I love the way the characters are so life like and the personalities Eddings gives them "how remarkable"

rosie posts on 11/25/2007 12:26:23 AM I think the Belgariad and Mallorean series were awesome. I have to laugh whenever people are so negative about them. Why? Because they're humorous and simple? Just because they don't have really deep complicated story lines doesn't make them a miss. Not all stories are meant to be elaborate or should be. I get tired of books that take themselves so seriously I feel like I'm falling asleep half the time I'm reading them. I don't need to drown in details all the time :) It would be cool if there were movies based off the series or a t.v. program. What if they did it in CGI like Beowulf? Animators have always done well in capturing characters personalities where actors in real life a lot of times have hard times portraying a character. Anyways the bottom line is if u like a good laugh and can stand reading something thats doesn't take itself too seriously don't pass up Eddings' books. Or Terry Brooks, and Piers Anthony for that matter.
Cmarkyj posts on 11/21/2007 7:16:33 AM I would love to see David Eddings books put to film and to answer the Martel question I think there is only one candidate RUTGER HAUER would have been perfect in his pomp as for Ulath the great Ray Winstone
Jenny posts on 12/20/2006 3:31:02 PM I often wonder about Poledra too but when you think about it there isnt really that much that we can learn from her. We learned about her background and life from Belgarath and we learned about her being a Mother and her role in the prophesy from Polgara. The only thing we dont really know about is her time away from the family spent in the caves of Ulgo and I cant imagine that would be very exciting! He even glossed over Ce Nedra's stay with the Gorim in the caves. I must admit when I heard there was another book coming out I assumed it would be Poledras story and when I read The Rivan Codex I was mega disappointed cos I thought it was rubbish! The only I enjoyed was Algar was writing his diary and was telling about Islena being pregnant. It gave it a nice sense of continuity and a feeling of things carrying on.
Elaine posts on 12/17/2006 5:52:38 AM so what exactly was she doing all those eons between giving up her babies, you have written about Belgarion, Belgarath,Polgara & Eriond, where is the Poledra's view, apart from the little cameos spotted here and there we know very little about what happened to her, having just finished The Belgariad, The Malloeon, Belgarath & Polgara on what seems to be my annual reading cycle, I'm yet again left wondering about Poledra, will we ever find out??
Jenny posts on 10/27/2006 4:48:41 AM No you are not an idiot. I always think the same when I read the books. I wonder if Eddings thought about the answers to those questions when he wrote the plotlines. Maybe if he does a book signing someone can ask him! I really set one off last year when I said about it being made into a film didnt I! I have to agree that I dont want it messed about by hollywood bigwigs either so....if WE all had the money, who would we have! I still stick by Sean Connery for Belgarath, He would be perfect. I agree with Uma Thurman for Vella. Dye her hair and she would have that athletic, muscular yet feminine edge that not a lot of women have. Someone said Danny Devito as Beldin...hes hired!! Alan Rickman has to be in there someone evil, Chamdar maybe? And Jason Issacs as Torak. He has that good looking nasty thing going good! Stopping for a bit cos I still struggle on Polgara! I still see her as a young Jane Seymour! Ok we have lots of money and a time machine!
posts on 6/25/2006 11:18:14 PM Hello All - I started reading the Belgriad in the early 90's and finished the Mallorean as soon as Seeress came out (I still have the hardbacks). I love the characters and Eddings style my question has to do with the life spans of Polgara, Durnik, their twins, Belgarion, C'Nedra, and Geran. Will the twins live forever if they have the 'talent' of the Will and the Word? If Garion will live forever how will he deal with C'Nedra dying after a few centuries (X'era is only a few centures old and she syates that whe will die soon) and why did he need an heir to the trone if he can live for a long time? How long will Geran live, how can Garion deal with it? If Garion and C'Nedra will have a lot of daughters, how long will they live? Now that Eriond is the 'TRUE' God is everyone mortal? Am I the idiot?
posts on 6/25/2006 4:16:14 PM cassy...i kinda agree wif ur choice but hopefully if they're ever to make a movie out of the belgariad and mallorean series, they'd better not ruined it like was kinda disappointing though that such a good book was not fully 'utilized' in the movie....
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