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posts on 6/19/2006 4:31:31 PM Try the Mallorean series Jacob. I've just started to read the first in that series. Auction sites are a brilliant place to find complete sets for bargain prices, but there's nothing quite like a brand new, unread book.
posts on 6/2/2006 9:29:26 PM hey, mr.eddings i was just wandering if you made any other books with belgarion,bel garath,and polgara besides the bel gariad series? thank you for reading my message cant wait to here from you! p.s have you read any good books lately?
posts on 5/11/2006 11:39:35 AM I actualy Just read the Redemtion of Althalus and I really liked it! I was disapointed that it wasnt a series like his other stories, but it was still good./ I think there would have been a great story to be made out of Eliar and Andine. They kind of remind me of Garion and Ce'Nedra for some reason, probubly because of thier age and one comes from a noble backround and the other doesnt.

posts on 4/13/2006 10:20:46 PM I have read nearly every eddings book and am total lost and entralled with the characters, worlds & magic. For the guy who said redemption of althalus let you down, may be you should go back and read it again. david eddings has tried a new edge with each series belgarid and mallorean was an introduction an amazing introduction it opens new and amaing world for fantasy readers, it reminds you how important family and loyalty are. the redemption of althalus if seen as sort of a teenager making it out in the world for yourself it's a discovery of the fact that some times you have to make it on your own. the elenium and tamuli are showing you that when you get older you resposiblities and things can fall heavly on your shoulders. the dreamers as you can guess i believe sigifies old age trying to recapture lost youth. i am a big book lover but no author for me brings life, love, family and responsiblilities alive like eddings a true inspiration for all of us who still believe in magic and fairies no matter how old. Thank you
Cassy posts on 3/6/2006 9:33:16 AM I think it would be intersting to see physical emboiments of Eddings characters, but i agree with most of you when I say that I dont want hollywood to mess with Eddings work. he is an amazing author and I dont want his work ruined like LOTR. BUT, if they were to mess with eddings, these are the people I picture as looking like the roles: Belgarath: The guy the plays the new dunmles in HP. Pol: Catherine Zeta Jones (she is a very intersting choice. I know she is suppoesed to look younger, but I think Maggie Smith has a very polgara type attitude. so we need CZJ and Maggie Smith mix. Garion: an unknown. so we dont get cought up in the star that plays him and we pay attention to Garion Velvet: I agree with Angeline Jolie Taiba: an unknown as well. Relg: an unknown Silk: Johnny Dep. He has the perfect kinda attitude and look for it. Barak: John Rhys Davies. (didnt spell that right) Hettar: an unknown. maybe somone Indian. because I pictuire the Algars looking simular to indians. american indians. or at leaste dark skin and hair. Mandorallen: no clue. Lelldorin: Dominic Mahogan (didnt spell his last name right) Ce'Nedra: too bad shes not oriantel, or I would say Brenda Song, but I have no clue. msybe they would use an unknown. wthats All i have time for.
girlybasschick posts on 1/31/2006 7:38:02 AM Someone mentioned Angelina as Polgara I think. How about her as Taiba the marag woman?Anyone any ideas for Relg? Maybe someone like Andy Serckis (think that's his name) of Gollum fame?I would prefer CZ Jones as Polgara.Durnik is a tricky one to visualise but I imagine him as being similar to the Faramir in LOTR, sorry can't remember his name!
Velvet posts on 1/28/2006 5:54:19 AM This discussion is probably in vain, since Eddings has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want Hollywood to tamper with his plots. However, as a true Eddings-fan, one can not leave this page without making a cast of ones own... As Belgarath, i would like to see Sean Connery, and Catherine Zeta Jones is the only Polgara worth the name. Steve Buscemi has the perfect mixture of rat-like sexiness that characterizes Silk, and Kirsten Dunst would be an interesting Velvet. Heath Ledger has the same kind of dumbstruck charm that Garion posseses, and Donald Sutherland would make a bad-ass Ctuchik. Perhaps Alan Rickman could make something really interesting out of Torak, and I am quite convinced that Angelina Jolie could play Zandramas. If Orlando Bloom built some muscles I can see him as Hettar, and I thought that Jason Isaacs could play Zedar, with the same arrogance as he uses to portrait Lucius Malfoy in HP. Furthermore: Sean Biggerstaff as Lelldorin, a red-headed Rachel Bilson as Ce'Nedra, and John Rhys Davies as Barak. Mandorallen is a tricky one, but I guess that a Brad Pitt-Mandorallen would increase the ratings... O.C.s Mischa Barton IS the tall and skinny Adara, and Sir Ian McKellen has all the potentials of UL. I would like to see Kate Moss (if she can act) as Salmissra, and Quentin Tarantino as Chamdar/Asharak. A black-haired Uma Thurman would add a little extra spice to the character of Vella, and Ewan McGregor could be Sadi (since he's already used to playing bold guys high on crack. Too bad he's a eunuck though)... Well, I guess I've totalt trashed the budget so far, but it would be an interesting experiment...
thora posts on 12/10/2005 6:22:35 PM plagiarism is a fact of everyday life.the people who shout plagiarism when somone has a good idea are just sickened they didn't think of it first.
Steph Stog posts on 12/7/2005 3:49:08 PM i have heard she is suspected of plagiarism from several authors. two in the us and two in uk. Can anyone tell me their names and how to reach such information. I can't seem to find much even though i have heard their names before i have forgotten. I do know she lifted harry potter from the movie Troll(1986). please mail me.
Kal posts on 11/18/2005 7:44:36 PM I think for a film like this you would need Belgarath to be played by Sir Ian Mackelan, Polgara by Cath Zeta Jones, Barak Brain Blessed Silk - Rowan Actinson Durnik- Nicholas cage Relg Orlando bloom tabia, Keira Knightly Hetttar, Johnny Dep Garion (the guy who plays mallfoy on Harry Potter) and Ce'Nedra By (the girl who plays Hermione on HP) Beldin Danny Davito that my thoughts so far.
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