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Jim Blume posts on 12/17/2009 2:43:48 PM Well, at least someone else is having trouble as well. I've tried to post a couple of times, but nothing has made it on. Jim, I noticed that publication date myself and was going to post on it. I tend to share your views on that date. Given that the editing/printing process takes 4-6 months, we may assume that DG hasn't turned in the manuscript yet. Now if we were talking about someone who had a novel out every year or so, I'd be encouraged, but we've seen these kind of dates come and go often. Honestly, I think we've been hearing 'next year' since 2003 or so. I believe that a Season for Slaughter was published in paperback in 1993. So we are coming up on 17 years of waiting. I'm glad I'm not holding my breath. I also did a bit of research via Google. No new info except for the publication date. DG's website HAS actually been updated in the last week or so with some new content, but nothing on the upcoming books.
Jim posts on 12/12/2009 5:13:21 PM This is my third attempt at posting this information - perhaps it wasn't detailed enough. So here goes.....Google A Method For Madness David Gerrold, click on the Method For Madness link, scroll down to Product Details. You will now find Tor Books publishing date of AMFM in July, 2011. Hope springs eternal...yeah, right.
Alobar posts on 9/16/2009 9:28:35 AM Movement on his website, altruistic in nature.

Jim Blume posts on 9/15/2009 10:17:16 AM That's Awesome! While I agree we've heard words like that before, I don't know that we've ever heard a short timeframe like that. Usually it's something vague like 'this year' or 'early next year' followed by how many words he's written. Hear to hoping that this is the real thing!
Steve posts on 9/10/2009 2:50:51 AM DG, in a recent forum on Starcraft (no idea what it is) said that the Chtorr book is two months away, but that he has three other obligations to attend to first. I'm going to guess he means the completion of the book and not its release. We have heard these words before, but some hope is better than none at all.
Balor posts on 8/20/2009 2:54:47 PM Mr. G.s site is "alive" again. Although I am dissappointed about the way MFM "progressed" in the last decade, Neil Gaiman wrote an insightful article in his blog about writers. I don't want to promote other websites but I think thinking of writers as humans is a good way to stay polite.
Mark posts on 8/14/2009 4:56:06 PM Agree-he started this series, got us hooked, and now doesn't seem to want to/be able to keep his end of the bargain and finish the thing. I love the series so far, but I've given up dreaming that he will actually finish it. Not sure why he's spent time writing other stuff like that two book throwaway series he did a while back (can't remember what it was called).
Steve posts on 8/10/2009 8:32:53 PM Noticed that DG's website is now kaput. While there could be plenty of reasons for this, it is hard to spin this in a positive manner. Where in the world is DG?
Jim posts on 8/4/2009 8:01:41 PM Balderdash! There are any number of highly creative writers able and willing to finish the series. D.G. is simply not going to, so let's have someone else take a crack at it. It would be better than nothing, which is what D.G. has given his loyal readers for the last 16 years.
Steve posts on 8/2/2009 3:47:19 AM Gerrold or no one! This is, in my opinion, the most in depth sci-fi/fantasy series I have ever read, and that is because of the meticulous detail that DG has included through out. It would be almost impossible for anyone to step in and do the series justice; it is simply too complex at this point. The story is HIS, and while he can tell someone else how to operate the vehicle, he is the one who built it, and the only one who truly understands how all the pieces fit together to make it work.
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