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NZGirl posts on 10/22/2006 4:36:47 PM I was litterally gobsmaked when I read your collection 'My Story'. I originally bought the book for a school report (to do on The Lost Boy)and ended up reading the entire three stories over one weekend. I was captured by the plot and I am now aware of how lucky some of us have it. dave, what you went through was herendous and it is a miracle that you survived. Every person in the world should read this book to know what some have been put through. You are a strong man, who came from a cruel childhood. All the best for your future. From An inspired reader.
Britney Bethel posts on 10/20/2006 11:53:56 AM Hey Dave... i just wanted to write to you and say that after reading your books, you have made me realize that as long as i am fed everyday and am loved by my parents, thats all i need to survive. I know that as i child you didnt have a very good life, and i would like to say that i am sorry that you were treated that way. One of my good friends has been going through some things at home and she finally let them out and now she is glad that she did... her father milested her and her little sisters but she couldnt tell anyone for fear of her and her sisters lives.But just like you, she is now out of that life and she has a wonderful boyfriend and with the help of him and her friends, she is trying to forget about what happened. But also like you, there will always be that memory that will be stuck in there forever! Your books inspired me to tell her to get help and tell someone for if she didnt, she could lose her life and maybe even lose her sisters. This had been going on when she and her sisters were 5 or 6 and she is now almost 17. I would just like to tell you thanks for sharing your story. Some people think that if there parents wont let them do something that they are the worst parents in the world, but they dont realize that there are children that get beaten everyday for no known reason. Once again thank you for writing "A Child Called It." your friend, Britney Bethel
posts on 10/3/2006 5:41:25 PM After I read A Child Called "It" it impacted my life,now when im thinking or just not doing anything I realize that out there are kids who are being abused and im not doing anything about it and i cant as much as i want to i cant do anything!I dont know how you or anybody could go through as much pain as you did.If there's one thing to say is that im glad you survied this, bc i would love for one day to here you tell the story A Child Called "It" in person so i can here bc books can take you anywhere and i want to here you take me to where you were a couple of years ago.

posts on 5/31/2006 7:52:20 PM Wow. There is so much to say. I can't believe your still alive after all you went through. Your book A Child Called "IT", impacted me on my veiw towards live. I appreciate life so much more now. I want to thank you for exposing your thoughts and feelings that changed me so much. I respect you so much. I just have one question for you. I'm not sure if it will be awnsered but I'll ask anyways. Are your mother, father, or any of your brothers still alive? If you could awnser that for me I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading your books.
posts on 5/6/2006 10:11:45 PM i truly believe as a pre-teen i have a different view on life in all. My sister went through somewhat the same was horrifying...but differently... i <3 your books. Needless 2 say... you have made my life so much diffently from the way i treat others to how i look at evryone around me. THANKYOU SO MUCH... your such an inspiration
posts on 4/27/2006 10:51:34 AM Hi Dave i just have to say i think your amazingwhat you went through. It must be a terrible thing to go through such trama and not understand why it was only you and i think your a truely amazing person for getting away. I have just finished reading Jane Elliotts- a little prisoner which is also amazing you two people are so brave to put your lives in danger to tell your story, If mrs Elliott has a website could you plkease post the address please,.
posts on 4/25/2006 1:34:57 PM david your book is so moving. it has changed my life. I have alot to identify with that book. Although my mom was not that abusive to me and my two sisters she was with men that would rape and abuse us. like you once were i am in foster care. and like you went through my mom is also mean to me i havn't seen her in 3 1/2 months. when i read this book i felt moved and i felt that since you went throught alot in your life and you made it then i can make it too.
posts on 4/15/2006 11:02:57 AM David Pelzer has made such a huge effect on my life. I've changed my view point on quite a few things... for the better. He is definitely one of the most amazing person I've ever heard of, his contributions to the world a entirely inspiring and I hope I can amek as much of an impact on the world as he.
Rachael posts on 4/6/2006 6:00:43 PM David i think you are an exceptional man. i have just finished your fith book 'the privilage of youth'and thought it was fantastic. you have been through so much and are still so postive. carry on your fantastic work, it means so much to alot of people world wide.
lisa montiel posts on 4/6/2006 5:31:13 PM .dave i really want to thank you for your 3 books. im about to finish the third one "a man named dave". let me tell you something. i think that your books have really helped people. i know it makes me think alot and make me appreciate everything that i have. i thank god for giving me a good mother that has and is my best friend. i as a parent can tell you that it has made me think alot and wouldnt ever imagine hurting my boys. i really think you have been very strong about really did survive and are alive and thats all that matters. god bless you, your wife and son stephen.thanks for publishing your books! can you please let me know if youve written any other books? thanks
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