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Danielle F posts on 8/5/2007 10:35:48 AM Hey Mr. Pelzer, Im 20 yrs old from Georgia and I just wanted to tell you that you are truly an inspiration not just to me but to millions of people all over the world. You have overcome so many obstacles in your life and are truly are an oustanding individual. I just finished A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy which I enjoyed very much. I look foward to reading your other novel as well. Thankyou for serving our country and helping others who really need it. I just signed up to get your autographed book. I hope I get it! God Bless You David Pelzer!
Mariah posts on 8/3/2007 3:46:16 PM Hey i am 12 years old and i have read child called it and the lost boy and i am now reading a man named dave. I love reading these books cause it makes me think how fourtunate i am to have the life i have.
erika scobbie posts on 7/9/2007 4:10:15 AM Hi, I am reading My Story and cannot put in down. I would like to know if Dave is a Christian. Thanks.

Atara posts on 7/4/2007 1:38:22 PM I have read Dave's books about 5 times now, and still cannot imagine all he went through. I too was abused by my step-father, and almost seen death a few times from him, then my now ex-husband. I know they say how children are raised are how they will grow up and raise their children. Well, the cycle can stop. It just takes will power and remembering what you went through and ask yourself if you want that for your own children. I think that this would be a good thing to make into a film for those that need to go to abuse programs and show exactly what can happen to those children that are abused. I can't remember what the movie is called, but it was about a lil girl named Kat, and she was abused by her father, in turn tried to kill her little brother and her new family. She eventually had to be sent away to a house for those types of children, and locks and a bell was put on her door, until till she got well enough that they knew she would not hurt anyone. Its sad anyone has to go through this, and noone knows why some parents do this to their children. Theres a difference between abuse and discipline.
Gillian Slack posts on 6/29/2007 12:29:01 PM I have just read a boy called it and The Lost Boy, once I started reading them I could not put them down until I finished the books. I am now reading A Man Named Dave which is just as enthrawling as the previous two books. I am only two years older than Dave, my heart really goes out to him. I could never imagin any child going through the trauma he went through. All I can think of all day is what he went through. I am so proud of what he has done with his life and what he is now doing to help others, and I dont even know him personally. Keep the good work up Dave..
Samantha posts on 5/14/2007 3:10:32 PM oh my gosh. I love Dave's books. They really inspire me. This is my second time posting a message... but i cant help myself. I really think everybody should read his books. You most likely will cry, but it IS worth every minute.
Shekoti posts on 4/25/2007 11:44:11 AM i am 21 yrs. old and i am currently a student at Cedar Valley Community College here in Dallas,Texas, i chose the book to read in my college english course, this was my second time reading the book and i think i was more touched this second time reading the book than i was my first time...the book is real touching and when i read it, i was so mad at mrs.pelzer that i wished i was in front of her when i was reading the book because no child deserves this but the book is a real good book and i would advise everybody to read it, you may cry but you will enjoy the book.
casandra moreno posts on 4/20/2007 10:29:49 PM hi i am only 12 and i have injoyed reading all your books. i cried about every chapter . you r amazing person.
victoria posts on 4/17/2007 12:55:52 PM when i read your book it made me cry! :( Its so sad to see a boy grow up without any love or proper lifei would of ran away earlier even at 4 and find someone who would love must have been so hard for you.i hope you get along well with your family and do not turn out like your mother which i no you wont!!i feel so sorry for you and dont no how you could cope wit your mother i would probably be dead now.good luck in the futureXXXX
Melanie posts on 4/12/2007 10:24:25 AM when i read this story it truely touched my heart. It was one of the most saddest stories i had ever read before. While reading your first book "the child called it" i cried for a while. then after reading "The Lost Boy" i cried, its hard not to. This book mad me think deep down. and wonder what if i had to go through this, i probally would have just given up on life. But no not you, you are a hero that every one should look up to. you were a brave young boy! keep your head up!
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