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earnest posts on 8/5/2007 3:28:59 PM Please travis email me or call me at 262 764-5804 its ernie i have been looking
Sgt Travis Ruffolo USMC posts on 7/31/2007 1:06:00 AM Most of the book was pretty well written if you over look the fact that cameleon suits could not possibly work like that and that it is almost impossible for a platoon to knock down aircraft aiming by sound alone, just ludicris. But you know i can for give that bull but you had an NCO shoot a civillian, their is no excuse for that what so ever which ever one of you thought that up need to seriously talk to a therapist and the one that said it is ok needs to reexamine your prorities. If you have something to say to that theirs my email.
posts on 4/26/2006 11:22:56 AM Guys, I enjoy your books, even though you make my Service out to be less than proficient at combat. On the subject of thermal imaging -- I am an infantryman and have employed 20th century thermal imaging devices a great deal. I can tell you that although the greater heat an object emits, it is more visible to a thermal imager, this does not limit its ability to distinguish objects or bodies at range. At 4 klicks, a tank that is off-line, cooled to the ambient temperature, is still easily identifiable as a tank. Our current thermal sights provide a contrast image based on degrees of temperature difference -- so, cooler objects/bodies stand out very well. So, even if your "skinks" are cooler than humans -- approximating the ambient temperatures around them, they would still be very visible to a 20th century thermal device at modern infantry weapon ranges. I can only imagine that 500 years from now, thermal imaging would have advanced somwhat, so I think you are placing your FIST Marines at an unfair disadvantage vis-a-vis the skinks. When you factor in that your Marines also seem to have both image intensification as well as thermals, and since temperature plays no role in how well an I2 device "sees," this is even harder to understand. Just my thoughts - I know you have to make it hard for the guys of 34th FIST, but even with today's technology it is too hard. Edge

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