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Fat Curt Jr. posts on 5/3/2008 1:59:31 AM 1st off let me say, what the poop is wrong with you people, there should be at least 50 messages in response to this book. shame. Anyway, Thank you Mr. Simon and Mr. Burns for finally giving me something to read. i cant believe how much fun i am having reading "the corner". apparently i picked up this book a little late considering that last entry was in 05', wow. The book is great im so close to the end. Fran has just gotten out of Rehab. Please, fella's keep writing. if your reading this and you havent read "the corner" you are living in sin. And do yourself a !!uking favor and get the orginal verision of the book, not the movie verision.
Jacob Kilduff posts on 4/4/2005 10:22:08 PM I am posting a review for the second time I was a student of edward burns at hamilton middle school in baltimore city and i would like to get in touch with him, ive heard hes out in hollywood now. if someone can help me i would appreciate it.
Sally Staehle posts on 2/3/2005 9:32:46 AM I am in the middle of reading the Corner and it is riviting! Though I live in Denver Colorado now, I grew up in Baltimore and plan to return to this city soon. I have heard about and read about the pervasivness of the drug problem in Baltimore and it seemed insurmountable. This book portrays the "fiends" as human beings that are indeed preservable. I am so greatful that someone took the time and care to research and portray these lost souls with such care and compassion. It makes me want to do something for my beloved city and these fellow human beings. I cant wait to finish the book.

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