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posts on 7/5/2006 2:12:18 PM my name is amanda gross i was wondering if you are ever going to have a book club with just your books. if so i would really like to join it as soon as possible. because you are my second favorite horror wirter my first is stephen king. Thank-you amanda gross
posts on 6/16/2006 3:01:25 AM Hi Bridgette. I asked my friends on a Koontz board and they said that there is no release date for it yet. He has been asked about it but all he will say is that it will be an epic, much longer than the first 2 and that he hasnt finished it yet! Not very helpful I know but thats all I can tell you!
posts on 6/10/2006 9:06:31 PM Does anyone have any idea what happened to the Third book in the Christopher snow Series? I thought there was supposed to be a third book called "Ride The Storm" Or something like that. It's been forever, and I wish we had some update on when and if it's coming out yet. I would like to find out what is going on so I can finish the story.

posts on 5/29/2006 11:38:34 PM Looking for audiobook "Darkfall" by Dean Koontz. Anyone have one or know where I cana get one?
posts on 5/28/2006 10:55:52 PM this is to Debbie and Jennie, the way I always pronounce Deucalion is doo-kowl-ee-un. Short -A- sound. Reason being is I have read this name somewhere before and its like one of those angel/vampire/demon title names. But then again, who really knows? I just know its difficult to identify with a character if you can't get comfy with their name. Hope it helps!
posts on 5/27/2006 3:24:40 PM Has anyone heard if the third Christopher Snow book, Ride the Storm, will ever be completed?
posts on 5/26/2006 11:28:02 PM winter 07 the jan/feb part or the nov/dec part? haha
posts on 5/26/2006 6:07:51 PM Just got word on the third Frankenstein book. The good news is its being called The Big Easy, the bad new is its not coming out until the winter of 07. Go to Dean FAGs to get details.
posts on 5/22/2006 3:29:29 PM Matt, as far as I am aware it is a film but is not out yet. I will try to find out more details cos this is one that I want to see too! On a funny note, my husband read the first one the other month and asked if there is another. I told him yes and gave him the 2nd one but didnt tell him there was a 3rd! When he finished it he asked where the 3rd one was and I had to tell him it wasnt out yet! He thought that was really cruel of me not to tell him from the start! But I thought it might ruin it if he knew he wasnt going to find out all by reading the 2nd one!
posts on 5/21/2006 7:53:21 PM Thanks Jenny, I really like the first two also! I read it was made into a TV movie, but I haven't seen it. Did you?
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