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Lois Anna posts on 1/25/2009 4:01:04 PM I am sorry to say I did not like Dean's book "Your Heart Belongs to Me" a whole lot. It seemed to have been written by someone other than Dean. The big words seem stilted and unnatural. The subject matter was good, but a little confusing re how he perceived the donor, and how the other characters fit in.
Alicia posts on 1/24/2009 6:43:29 PM I have 50 plus for sale on Craigslist choose Minnesota then choose Duluth, or go to the site and type in Dean Koontz! I have some doubles, some hardcover but primarily soft cover. He is excellent, I have read them all more than once in fact. Take care :)
simonn posts on 12/9/2008 10:04:01 AM How does one contact the last poster that has Koontz books for sale?

Rob posts on 12/9/2008 5:24:00 AM I'm selling quite a few of my Dean Koontz collection - I have hardbacks, paperbacks, signed 1st editions etc. if you are interested in buying anything let me know what you are looking forward or I can forward a list of all the books available Many thanks Rob
Michelle posts on 12/9/2008 3:48:08 AM Mr. Koontz is my favored author. Fantastic imagination! Please keep on writing more books.
alton posts on 8/19/2008 11:13:31 AM why won't he release the third frankenstin book, anyone know
Darrell Chasteen posts on 8/18/2008 6:30:25 AM Koontz has has my undivided attention for many years now. There are quite a few that I would consider favorites. Lightning, Watchers, The Bad Place, Mr. Murder and most recently, The Husband are at the top. I try to read more serious books, but Koontz is one that I will never put down as long is he is still writing.
Weird posts on 4/27/2008 8:36:25 PM Dean Koontz is the most awesome writer ever My favorite book is Phantoms he puts too much shagging in them though
Axelinger posts on 4/26/2008 3:47:25 PM I'm not really an avid reader of Koontz' work, but I did read The Funhouse when it was first published, and recall thinking it was a decent enough book. I bought Phantoms several decades later and found it to be an interesting read, but then I made the mistake of picking up The Mask for less than a buck in a thrift store. What an awful pile of dreck that book is. Thoroughly bored, I kept waiting for something (anything!) to happen, but events just dragged on as more and more ludicrous until I reached the utter and abrupt letdown of an ending. The supposedly witty repartee amongst the main characters also appeared forced and purely unbelievable. The Mask wouldn't put me off reading more of Koontz' work, but I'd recommend anyone considering giving this book a read to give it a miss instead. It's a complete waste of time.
Tiffany posts on 4/14/2008 3:31:34 PM The Takeing is the first but undoubtably not the last ddean koonts novel i have read. I literally can not put the thing down. 3oo and some odd pages done in les than 3 days, and yes I have a full time job.
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