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Vicki posts on 12/3/2007 8:50:04 AM Hey! Just read THE GOOD GUY. Awesome as usual. Thank you. But Something in it sort of freaked me out. Hope someone can help. The scene where the heros go into the moms house and stalk the killer... they use pillows... go up stairs... furniture gets shot at.... anyway, as I'm reading it, I seemed to remember it. Like I'd read it before. I'm not implying that Dean plagiarized. I sort of had the feeling that maybe it had been a spoiler in one of his other books. Or maybe it was similar to a scene in one of his book. (I've read them all, I think.) Or maybe I dreamed it.... which is what sort of freaks me out.
Jenny posts on 10/23/2007 4:04:49 PM Nope I disagree. Lightning, Watchers and The Bad Place are the best. Strangers is excellent and so is FTCOHE. His new stuff tho leaves a lot to be desired.
Grace Rose posts on 8/31/2007 4:37:13 PM So who besides me thinks that FROM THE CORNER OF HIS EYE is their favorite Dean Koontz book? And personally, my second choice is STRANGERS-I just read it recently, and wow! In my opinion, STRANGERS is like Tolkien met Heinlein and they wrote a modern day epic together... Yay, Mr. Koontz!! And the book I read had an afterword by Dean about how writing STRANGERS came about. Just goes to show you that doing it your ways really IS the best; so much for publishers being right-yeah, right!

Jenny posts on 7/28/2007 4:45:26 AM Dont get mad, just sell it on ebay! You might even make a profit!
disapointed posts on 7/28/2007 3:22:04 AM i just finised phantoms, there was a series of suspensful moments but on the whole, i want my seven dollars back. the jerk at the bookstore said it was the best scary book he could offer me other than the exorcist. screw dean koontz, i wont make this mistake again.
pmsurrey posts on 5/26/2007 7:59:19 PM Just a note to let every one know about a new author. His name is Marshall Karp and his books are great. Set in LA two Detectives named Lomax and Biggs are the smartest, funniest charaters you will ever meet. The first one is The Rabbit Factory. The second is Blood Thirsty. Some of the best charaters you will ever read.
Terra and Katie posts on 5/4/2007 2:46:48 PM We are reading By the Light of the Moon in school and so far it is very good. It has a lot of detail. very unusual.
Spencer Sumwalt posts on 4/10/2007 9:55:53 PM ok I am 13 years old and i got done reading Velocity awhile ( i have also read dark fall, cell, mr. murder ) and i want to know who you think should play the cast if it were ever made into a movie? Just wondering
james pagan posts on 1/31/2007 7:26:43 PM Is Constance Hammerschmidt in Life Expectancy really an author?
Dave Devlin posts on 1/28/2007 7:59:11 AM For all you Dean Koontz fans...STRANGERS should be required reading. It is his biggest (literally) and best novel. Second is LIGHTNING.
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