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Liem Schlager posts on 1/6/2009 4:59:47 AM Hi, just wanted to clarify something that I came across while doing some research. It was a question that Mr Michel asked about H troop back in 2003: Posted by left2write on 08-06-2003 Another Questionable Report Hey Blackhawks,Anyone hear of H Troop? Unless the dumbass meant HHT?Otherwise H Troop would be one of the air Troops and wouldn't have troopers searching for weapons caches...Correct me if I'm wrong fellas...Animo et Fide Dennis Patrick Michels I know it's old news, but I have to say that there was an H Troop, I was in it. We were the BRT for 1AD when I was there out of FT Riley, KS. We wore the ANIMO ET FIDE shield and were proud to be Blackhawks. So if there were soldiers on the ground back then from H Troop clearing bunkers and discovering weapons caches, then it was Hawk Troop of the Blackhawks.
Darren posts on 2/19/2005 7:28:45 PM It is ignorant and Feable peaple like her that get us soldiers killed. Yes your voice brings us home quiker but its not alive and well,its dead in a box. The coices of protest only causes the leadership to hesitate and when you hesitate in war you die. Do the Myself and my fellow soldiers a Favor, Keep us supplied with equipment and your prayer. Let us Do the rest.

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