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Mollie Brown posts on 7/5/2013 11:04:05 AM would it be possible for some kind person to print and name/address of Yorkshire Cat Rescue so we can send a donation. Many thanks
Liz from Buxton posts on 7/5/2013 5:24:22 AM Thank you Jocelyn and Sheila. Deric's family and friends - including all of us here - are included in my poor prayers. God bless. X
Sheila posts on 7/4/2013 11:38:02 PM I noticed the following obituaries. One is telegraph dot uk dot co, thisisderbyshire dot co dot uk and the last is entertainment-focus dot com. One of them has a picture of him with a tortoise cat but I't doesn't say if it's Tigger.

heather dunn posts on 7/4/2013 2:48:57 PM thank you for that, Jocelyn. Good to know it all went well. Sending best wishes to Aileen and the family.
Jan Tenzer posts on 7/4/2013 2:12:02 PM Jocelyn, words beautifully also were the sentiments of all of my FRIENDS on this board. Through my life I've found that this has become a terrible world, but yet there was this amazing man in Huddersfield, UK named Deric Longden, who had a heart as big as the world itself. All of us loved the good in him, which always gave me hope that this planet could still be a good place. He brought us all together. May his legacy always be hope and laughter. Tonight here in the states when I watch the fireworks, they will be kisses to our Deric across the sky. God bless Aileen and family, and love to all of you on this site. Jan
Jocelyn Wilby posts on 7/4/2013 10:51:21 AM Dear everyone. I have just returned from Deric's funeral. I only live down the road so I couldn't have missed it. It was a none religious ceremony, with lots of lovely speeches from friends and family. Aileen made the first speech and it was lovely, but so difficult for her as she was visibly terribly upset. A nice touch was a colour poscard to take home of the cover illustration from The Cat Who Came In From The Cold. Please send healing vibes out to Aileen and the family. It is so hard for those left behind. God bless you Deric, you will always live on in your wonderful books.
Anneke posts on 7/3/2013 4:19:16 PM Thank you Annie to bother with us at a time when you all have so much else on your mind. There's little left to say after everyone else. Thinking of you all. I hope all goes as it should tomorrow. I am convinced a soul like Deric's will be in good hands on the other side!
gillhawley posts on 7/3/2013 12:54:30 PM Dear Annie...I have not posted very much so have only just seen the sad news of deric's passing. I would like to send you my deepest condolences to your aileen and your family. Deric brought much laughter into our family over the years with his wonderful sense of humour and his wonderful books. I had pleasure of meeting him at crich back in 2005, and was delighted to hear him read....such a lovely evening...such a lovely man, he will be sadly missed by all who's lives he brought a smile to. Kind regards Gill Hawley and family..belper
T. J. Banks posts on 7/3/2013 10:13:49 AM I never had the pleasure of meeting Deric Longden -- except in his books, and I greeted each new one with joy. He had a part in my writing career, too: my review of his book THE CAT WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD was one of the first magazine pieces I ever sold. I thank him for that and for all the wonderful, funny words that he delighted us all with.
Dawn posts on 7/2/2013 11:21:39 AM Deric Longdon wrote some of my favourite books, the Cat that came in from the Cold still has me howling with laughter. Mad things happen in my life which I always like to turn into funny stories (if you don't laugh you'll cry) and I guess Deric was the same - would make you laugh (and cry) over the events in his life - his was an amazing gift xx
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