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posts on 5/27/2006 10:03:37 PM It is very hard to remember Diana and not feel sorry. I have not seen her films (would like to for curiousity's sake), but, where on earth was her family? Why didn't Ethel Barrymore seem to have all that much to do with her? She was the seeming most stable of that generation. She managed to have a life and be a 'Barrymore' icon, too. Where was her mother? Her brother? All were prisoners of their own pain and they managed to imprison Diana too. Notice I haven't mentioned John Barrymore. He was far too fried from booze and drug use and when she was an adolescent girl he had turned into a well-known drunk. That was a joke back then. Probably Diana had the Barrymore/Strange 'talent',but after she had her first drink she never had a chance.

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