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Ever notice that most of the B'nana episodes have her stripping down to that tight tanktop? If she's in an episode for more than 5 minutes, you know that her uniform's coming off. Even if she's entering a highly radioactive environment, like a contaminated Malon ship, she still has to strip down. And when she strips down, none of the other crew do. Also, we've seen B'nana take more sonic showers than all the rest of the crew combined. What's up with that? She didn't use to be like that, back in the day when she had clumpy hair and carpet remnants for eyebrows. Do you think she feels the need to strip down since 7 of 9 joined the ship? I mean, before Seven, there wasn't much competition--Kes, the Delaney sisters, etc. But maybe B'nana feels she'll lose Tom if she doesn't show her assets. What do you think?

Porthos the Beagle posts on 12/14/2005 3:20:10 PM There is no logical reason. Probably just your usual s ex appeal gimmick. They gotta distract veiwers from the fact the show is crud after all. It would help if she didnt have the s ex appeal of Hilary Clinton. On the plus side at least it wasnt Janeway. Eeew.

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