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posts on 8/6/2006 8:47:54 AM Yay whoppy somebodys actually here not all the old ones but it's ok Wow some of yu really don't like the books but please don't get angry I will be back later and I only wish some of the old people come back
posts on 8/6/2006 1:21:39 AM Hey benj why don't you just zip-it! It's not like I was typing to you...besides it's a free country I got a write to post my opinion…or maybe you don't understand what a free country is are you in china? Or some other un-free comi-country? Plus if you were going to try & tell someone to stay OFF of a board you should learn how to S-P-E-L-L! Read what you wrote over if you don't get me!
posts on 8/5/2006 10:00:19 PM Well,science is all right for me,Usually my type of books are science fiction and fantasy or the 2 mixed!

posts on 8/5/2006 4:50:04 PM Hey sk8r you might not like them if your not into science and parallel theores. I'm a bad typist. Get of this board 2kule and stop acting like DJs a trifle.
posts on 8/5/2006 3:58:25 PM These books are alright,I think it's just not my type of book.[no offence to anyone.]But,you know what,I think I will try to give these books a second chance.I see everywhere these books are popular,I will do my best to try reading these again!
posts on 8/5/2006 12:01:59 PM Hey J.V. what's the matter with you? Have you ditched the board? You have something to respond to….so do it!
posts on 8/3/2006 1:26:20 PM I think that mark does go with st. dane because of how the 7th book ends.
posts on 8/2/2006 8:58:13 PM D. j.? Great? Ha! Ha! Yeeeaa-hh...rigth! more like drop dead boring
posts on 7/30/2006 7:59:40 PM WHere is everybody on this board has everybody lost it or somthing ever since I posted my thery everybody's gone
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