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Mike posts on 3/22/2005 7:16:22 AM janeite! Read what you had to say about Mankell. Just to make it clear, his books are not supposed to be funny. And swedes are not humourless at all, honestly how many books by swedish authors have you read? Anyway. Love DLS, and would like to hear whay you guys have to say about the tow latest ones ( the ones "co-written" with Paton Walsh.).
Alan J. Bishop posts on 2/5/2005 3:16:44 AM I've read some Bernard Cromwell - I especially liked "Stonehenge" which was a well-imagined take on the origins and functions of the Henge. I'm proud to say I've been there on a few occasions - one of which was the last 'free' festival on the Summer Solstice of 1984. I'd recommend Candace Robb as an author of mysteries set during the reing of King Edward and the rise of John of Gaunt. Her Owen Archer series, set in medieval York, gives a fine - if slightly clean - feel of the period. Clue Two: Criminal Hyphen History Glad to intrigue. Intrigue is good.
janeite posts on 2/4/2005 12:14:55 AM I've just finished "The Archer's TAle" by Bernard Cornwell and really liked it. Set in the early 1300s - I know you like this time period so wondered if you have read it. Regards to the Cats and Medwyn. And you, too, of course. Janeite

janeite posts on 1/27/2005 12:44:08 AM I'm all agog. Don't keep me in suspense.
Alan J. Bishop posts on 1/26/2005 5:00:15 PM Wotcha! If you like Jane Austen AND murder mysteries, have you read any Stephanie Barron's "Jane" series? Jane Austen as a sleuth! Written with talent, style and humour, they're well worth a read! Oh, and ... Remember this - "dot co dot uk" A mystery on the message board, hey? More later...
janeite posts on 1/24/2005 12:57:24 AM I'm back. I hope you haven't given me up. It's taking a while to recover from Christmas and a lot of company in early January. The weather here is ab solutely miserable. Snow, ice, wind, you name it, we've got it. I feel like pounding my son who writes from Los Angeles, CA that he's wearing shorts and sandals. Arrrgh! Have all of the hundreds of DLS fans had a lovely Christmas and got lots of books as gifts? I only got one book but it looks to be a dilly. "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell". Billed as a Harry Potter book for grown ups , written in the style of Jane Austen. Since I am a Harry Potter fan and a big time Jane Austen fan, this should be something. More later. Cheers Janeite (what Mr. Kipling called fans of Jane Austen)
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