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Dori Berman posts on 1/30/2010 10:03:15 AM The late Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Novels are classics that will hopefully never be forgotten. Neither will he.
Sue posts on 9/20/2005 10:45:41 PM I went to a used book sale Friday night and every time I saw a McBain book I got this sad feeling. It honestly felt like I'd lost a good friend. My dad lent me my first 87th Precinct novel when I was a pre-teen and, at 36, I've never stopped enjoying his work. I truly miss him and just wanted to share that with others who enjoyed his talents.
Freda posts on 9/16/2005 2:42:48 PM The name of the book with the nun with implants is Big Bad City.

Frank Konrad posts on 9/14/2005 9:00:14 PM My wife and I have read many of the McBain books and wonder, in which book of the 87th Precinct dealt with the murder of a nun with implants. We remember the guys telling nun jokes and we just can't remember the title. Wanted to recommend it to someone. If you can email the answer, we will appreciate it. Thanks
Freda posts on 8/13/2005 3:51:27 PM Evan Hunter/Ed McBain died July 6, 2005. I will miss him. I have enjoyed his books for years. God Bless Evan Hunter and his family!
Freda posts on 5/21/2005 3:22:51 PM I have read all of the books about the 87th. They are great. I enjoy Mr. McBain's wit and the great storytelling he shares with his readers.
Mike Hargraft posts on 1/17/2005 4:01:48 PM Just wanted to say that I think Evan is a very good writer. I have read alot of his books and I think they are just great.

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