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Deb~ posts on 4/2/2005 12:21:40 AM Oh, go to Scotland! The history of that nation is so rich. It would be a perfect for ER.
Louise posts on 3/30/2005 1:40:37 AM I have read all of Edward Rutherfurds books to date except 'Russka' as I was interested in Ancient British History and started with London, then Sarum before visiting England on holiday and found Sarum a great intro to the Cathederal of Salisbury and WOW what a place that is a must visit. I didn't get into Forest as quickly as the others it started a bit slow but got better by Chapter 3. I was keen to pick up more Fiction-History of England and ER hadn't published anything that I know of for 4yrs until I spotted Dublin in the bookstore last April and as I was heading to UK again in Sept I thought I should wait and finish my other authors books first "Sharon Pennman" - another great creative writer of Fiction blended with Historical Fact - a must read of her novels (9). I have now started on Dublin Foundation and find the first chapter a bit slow but got into the charactors more than the history until Chapter 2 with the coming of St.Patrick and Christianity to Ireland which is starting to get into the nity grities of what Ireland is all about - South & North divided by religion - this will tell me how this all began so I can then pass this onto my neice who is keen to understand the Irish conflict and its roots. I have now found on Borders - US Database that ER has also published "The Last Irish Prince - Dublin the Saga" which is the follow on from "Dublin Foundation" - but unfortunately it is not in Australia yet - will await it's arrival with anticipation. ER Fanclub would be a great site anyone with ideas or links of its location would be greatful for.
Nolan posts on 3/19/2005 10:14:06 PM I am a huge fan. I reside in The U.S so his next book i would love to see in my home country!
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