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Lady posts on 2/25/2005 5:51:14 PM so there's this guy, sam westing, right? and he dies and brings in all these people to hear his will. but it is a game, and he says in the will that one of the heirs killed him. they get clues and they go back to their building. they have by a certain date to figure out who killed sam westing. it's crazy, and then they go back, each with their respective suspects, but the will says they are wrong, and then in the end this one girl figures it out, b/c it turns out he wasn't dead after all. and that probably wont help you at all. oh well. :)
Tyrone posts on 2/25/2005 4:17:06 PM will someone please tell me the whole storyline or plot of this story?? i need it for english soon! atleast give me a good site to go to if i would like to get information!
Mandy posts on 2/16/2005 4:27:56 PM I would like a description of Turtles room pleas

SaLEENA posts on 1/17/2005 10:56:58 AM Can someon plaease tell me the summary about the book.'m new to this school and i need this summary really badly or I'll fail my class! Please help me!
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