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Heidi posts on 7/9/2008 8:50:55 AM I just read my first Elin Hilderbrand book, "Barefoot" and I could not put it down! It also made me cry, which is another sign of a great book! I can't wait to read more. My only complaint is the cursing...must there be so much? I am hoping that isn't typical of all of Elin Hilderbrand's books.
Susanna posts on 2/17/2008 7:19:19 PM Renting a home in Nantucket, I found a book by Erin Hilderband that had been left by a previous tenet- "The Beach Club." Being on Nantucket and having visited Nantucket for several years, I read this book and loved it. Since then I have read them all identifying with many places she mentions in her books. This last one I read "The Love Season" shows a maturity in her books not experienced before. It is wonderful. I can't wait until the next one. This latest book shows a depth in her writing. It kept me interested from beginning to end- a real page turner!
Jules posts on 1/5/2008 8:37:13 PM I have enjoyed reading all of your books. I have been hooked since the Beach Club and your books can not come out fast enough for me. I am now looking forward to your new book coming out this summer (July 2008). I am actually going to start reading your books all over again. Thanks again for a good read!

Barb posts on 8/26/2007 4:10:20 PM Have been a huge EH fan for years now and when amazon delivered my copy of "Barefoot", I could hardly wait to start it. Well, 7 hours later as I turned the last page, I wiped away a few tears and sighed big time! It was such a wonderful read. Have all of Elin's books and feel she just keeps getting better and better. My only complaint is that I now have to wait til next summer for her next book! Thank you Elin from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful books - they are treasures! Barb
Sharon posts on 8/2/2007 9:31:17 PM Elin, I read the Blue Bistro and was hooked...I then went out and bought all of your books and just finished Barefoot. I love your writing style, plots and characters. I have spent a lot of time on ACK and I can appreciate all of the beauty and charm that you make a point to mention in all of your books...keep writing!!I'm a huge fan and have told many others about you.
deb posts on 7/28/2007 7:37:41 PM I read Barefoot, my first EH book. I LOVED it! Elin's insight into mothering, sisters, breastfeeding, I could relate to everything. I then bought 5 more of her books. I enjoyed Summer People, didn't like Nantucket Nights(the friend having sex with her son made me sick!)then read The Blue Bisto. I could not put this book down!!! The food, the relationships, the beach, it was all wonderful!!! The only complaint I have with EH's books is the endings come too fast and short. Give us alittle bit of an epilogue please! I know it's cool to leave readers hanging but it bums me out! I need closure!And not just one sentence! Now I'm on to The Love Season!
carla posts on 7/26/2007 8:04:27 AM Waited anxiously for my summer fix Nantucket book and I am still trying to muddle thru "Barefoot" Nothing like the other books, no Nantucket flavor; not a summer read. Too depressing and dark, acutally I hated it and never finished it. What a disappointment.
Marya Hunt posts on 7/24/2007 10:08:12 AM 7/24/07 Loved this book! I woke early this past Sunday morning and read and read until it was time to go to church then finished this beautiful story. Thanks. I too have a new author to read. Also I saw that you grew up in Collegeville, PA which is someplace that I know. Thanks
Tracy Ein posts on 7/18/2007 2:03:29 PM Hello, Ijust finished reading "The Love Season" by Elin Hilderbrand, I only bought it because of her name it is my middle name an I had never seen anyone else with that name. But what started out as pure coursity, turned into wonderful amazement. I loved your book, and now I have another author to look for when I scann the book store. Thanks Elin for your wonderful gift of writing and for sharing it with the world. Thanks again. Tracy Elin
CHRIS posts on 7/17/2007 10:12:43 PM I am recovering from cancer and got so much from your new book- 'Barefoot' I was raptured from the word go and during Vicki's treatment for cancer I found it helped me so much to come to terms with my cancer -your research was spot on- I felt all those things you wrote about and some, I read and cried and yet I feel better and grounded in some way.THANKYOU-will be looking up where I can buy your other novels and lloking up where Nantucket is?? christ
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