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samantha posts on 12/10/2005 10:44:58 AM yep the divide is great im currently doing a project on it for my english one class still have to find the others though
Aaron S. posts on 12/7/2005 9:14:25 PM Read these books! These a fanomanal books and are for everyone. Elizabeth Kay is a great author. These books put you in the place of the characters. You feel like you are there. Read these books and you will know what I mean.
Darcy posts on 12/7/2005 8:21:40 PM I may not have read the books but,i do know that the books are very good. any way i just strated Lord of the Rings then i'm going to read the "divide" books

Sam posts on 12/3/2005 11:56:08 AM dont even listen to darcy, she hasnt even read them! (i know her)
Darcy posts on 11/29/2005 12:54:42 PM I agree,there needs to be a forth book or anthor series.
Keelan O'Hea posts on 11/28/2005 9:32:06 PM i have read it,in fact i read all of them i just think that that stinks that it is the last one P.S please start another series or something Mrs,Kay
Sam posts on 11/28/2005 10:39:34 AM yes, jinx on the divide IS the last one, and in my opinion the best!!! read it!
Keelan O'Hea posts on 11/27/2005 10:29:24 PM Just out of curiosity, is "Jinx on the Divide" really the last book in the series
shayla posts on 11/26/2005 8:03:37 PM i am new to the divide books (i'm only half through the 1 one)and I love it! it's great!!
samantha posts on 11/25/2005 4:25:10 PM bye i will talk to everyone in 2 days! remember these books rule!
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