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Shauntrice M. posts on 1/1/2012 Shauntrice M. has just written a review of Triangles which you can see here
chelsea posts on 12/22/2011 8:41:08 AM OMG! i have read ALL your books, and there is not one that i dislike! i just finished fallout then i started Burn and i was blown away!!! you are such a great writer! please please come out with more books!!!! Chelsea loyal reader
Megan mase posts on 11/27/2011 1:20:44 AM Bethany, if you read perfection you would know the couple is tony and vanessa. If you have read impulse you would know that vanessa and tony were in the hospital with conner. Conner is the reason tony and vanessa were able to start over and the reason they are together.

Bethany posts on 11/15/2011 9:33:44 AM Ellen Hopkins, thank you for getting me immersed in reading. I have read all of your books that have been released, and i love every character you've created. (: Also, could anyone tell me who the 'young couple who hold tight to each other' at Conner's wake are? Thanks. (:
Gina posts on 10/3/2011 2:36:09 AM Ellen, I love all of your books and already preordered triangles. I must say tht perfect was probably my favorite one of your books because I could relate to the characters. I've never felt perfect in our world where perfect is a size 2 and blonde hair. Ever since I read your books I realize that I have it better than other people in the world. I appreciate how you can show the dark and light in bad situations. I'm only 16 but I cannot wait to read triangles and your other books you have coming out. Are you planning on writing more books after smoke? Are any other books coming out between triangles and smoke? Thank you or all of your inspiration and or actually making me want to read.
Megan Mase posts on 9/7/2011 1:49:11 AM I have read every one of your YA books I first started reading them when I was 12 and have been in love since. Now I have never taken any hard drugs, or have lost my mind or have been pushed to the edge, and yet I still feel a connection to everyone of your characters... almost like it "could" be me, how they think or where they came from I can see myself. Especially Kristina, I can almost understand why she did it, from changing her name to taking that first taste of the monster, in fact I have come close to making decisions much like she did. What stopped me from taking a path much like hers? I would like to tell you that your stories guided me to make the right decision but that's not true, I honestly don't know why I made my decisions but reading your books I was able to come to terms with why I had come so close to making the other choice that could have led me down the wrong path. I used to hate myself because I even thought about it but now I know what really matters is that I didn't make that choice."look very long at Kristina, I see Me" I think that was the most brilliant ending to Fallout because I felt the same way, as I would like to believe many of your other readers did also. I am thrilled that perfect will be out within the next week and I also plan on reading triangles even though that is your adult novel. Thank-you for all the effort you put into your books.
Alice posts on 8/3/2011 1:54:31 PM Hello, I have read all your books and have just finished reading Fallout. I was just curious to know (since there will be no more books to the series) if autumn was in fact pregenant? i get that it is set in the future but i am curious.. thanks!
Ruthie posts on 4/18/2011 12:20:27 AM Ellen, my son loves your books. I read Tricks, I'll be blunt: It was amazing. But, also a little disturbing. Still, I loved it. I heard you have an adult novel called Triangles coming out. When will we be able to see the cover? Also, do you have any other adult novels planned for the future? Finally, I always dreamed of being a novelist. Do you know a good agent that could look at my work? Sincerely, Ruthie
Anonymous posts on 4/17/2011 1:28:03 AM Who distinguishes between the true and the false (self)? And true and false for whom? Thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energetic frequencies do not mean anything about some imaginary someone; they simply are what they are. -Suzanne Segal
Chelsey Lohe posts on 4/16/2011 1:45:57 PM Ellen Hopkins, I dont know if you have ever heard of the wwasp programs, all of them have been closed down reccently due to evidence of child neglect and abuse. in early 2008 my monster of father, brought me to one using a horrible lie as bait to leave the house. He said I was only going to stay there until his girlfriend left but told the staff i was a heavy cocain user to automatically give me 6 months i was trapped, scared, alone. All i was aloud to keep was a book that accidently was in my bag. After weeks and months of non-stop fear and sadness i finally opened that book "Impulse" was the name. And it was so inspirational, it was only thing that kept me going. soon i had crank, glass and burned too. All amazing. That place was aweful and i still to this day have nightmares of the horrible things we had to do there. You wouldnt believe how much of an impact your books had on me in that time of desperation. there are no accidents, everything that happens has a purpose. thank you thank you thank you!!! For your inspirational words kept me from making the biggest mistake of my life. your poetry is life chaging. Chelsey
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