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haruku posts on 7/26/2009 4:29:49 AM truthfully, i'm a little disappointed with identical. i don't know. something rang false to me. i was waiting and waiting, and when i read it, i just felt a little letdown. but i'm going to continue and support you with tricks and perfect. these aren't subjects that most authors deal with, so i want to keep seeing what you have to say.
Sarah posts on 7/21/2009 12:12:04 AM A very big issue in a lot of teens and children's lives is divorce. Do you think you will ever write a book on that subject?
Ellen posts on 7/19/2009 11:49:00 AM Someone needs to write about these issues. I have a great respect for the younger generations, whose lives are often shaped by circumstances beyond their control. They need advocates, and I hope I am that.

Sarah posts on 7/18/2009 10:42:13 PM What inspired you to write about the difficulties in teens lives when most adults turn the other way? You could have written about anything, but that is what you continue to write about. Why?
Ellen posts on 7/17/2009 10:36:08 AM IDENTICAL is dedicated to three amazing friends. Writers all, and strong, successful women. No way would you believe, unless you knew, that they had all been sexually abused by their fathers when they were young. That's why I wanted to write the book.
Sarah posts on 7/17/2009 2:46:47 AM Oh my god! I just finished Identical, and I had heard that the ending was a shocker. Understatement! I had no idea the ending was going to be that insane! Where did you get the idea to write about such a taboo subject? You are not afraid to to tell it how it is and I think that is what makes you an amazing writer.
Ellen posts on 7/16/2009 3:18:54 AM Okay. TRICKS publishes next month. It's about teen prostitution. FALLOUT is the third and final Kristina book, and publishes next summer. PERFECT is about the drive to be perfect thru surgery, self-regulated eating, steroids, etc. Due out some time in 2011.
Sarah posts on 7/15/2009 7:21:23 PM I love all of your books. Right now I have Crank, Impulse, Glass, and Burned. While I was looking at other people's messages, I noticed that someone said you were making another book called Perfect. Can you tell me what that one is about? You also said that a film company was thinking of making a movie out of Crank. My step mom thinks no one would go see it but so many people love your book that they would be ecstatic if it became a movie.
Zoe posts on 7/15/2009 7:20:22 PM I really liked Crank and Glass. I'm so excited for Fallout to come out, a sequel to those two books and then Perfect as well. I also love Burned. The other books are also great.
Cassie posts on 7/5/2009 2:49:49 AM ellen i love ur books never stop writing! crank and glass have been my favorite so far but ive read all ur books
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