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posts on 10/3/2006 8:58:38 PM ok this is weird but i looked ahead in the book and i saw that the clues are a part of the song america the beautiful plus i need help on it who is the killer im only on chapter 16 am i close to finding out post me hints on this asap thanks for your help
rianne posts on 3/14/2006 4:34:50 PM The Westing Game was cind of confusing, but there were parts that kept me reading!
Morgan posts on 4/11/2005 10:40:24 AM The book was very interesing in it's own ways. But i did get confused in some parts of it!

Lady posts on 4/10/2005 4:11:01 PM has anyone here ever heard the audio version? That's where i first heard/read it, on a LONG car trip, and i thought the guy who read it was so good that i have only READ it once, but i have listened to it several times.
fiona loves klaus posts on 4/10/2005 4:05:41 PM yes the westing game was sooooo good im rasing money to by the book
Quigley loves Violet posts on 4/10/2005 3:56:54 PM i loved the westing game its one of my favorites
Person posts on 3/27/2005 5:37:47 PM I need a copy of the entire will for a report and I already turned in the book. Could someone link me to one?
Suz posts a bold assertion on 3/15/2005 3:36:16 PM I have seen the movie based on the Westing Game. It's a showtime movie called "Get a clue." It was terrible. If you loved the book, you should never watch it. They mess with the plot line, condense charcter scripts, and make poor casting selections. so the answer to your question is, yes, there is a movie, but it is incredible unsatisying
Carol Comperda posts on 3/15/2005 1:13:26 PM Was a movie made from this book? My daughter is reading it for school and I started to read it with her. It is a great story with lots of turns and twists. Something about this book reminds me of a movie I saw in my younger days, but I can not find any movies with the same name as the book. Can you please help me?
dahli posts on 3/9/2005 9:07:44 PM I don't know who claimed to be Ellen Raskin on this thread, but the real Ellen Raskin died in 1984.
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