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Mareleen Teacher posts on 1/26/2005 6:22:31 PM Our book club wants to read a Brother Cadfael mystery, and I am in charge of making the selection! We are a group of educators, all ages, female gender. Please let me know which Brother Cadfael mystery you would choose for this audience, and why. Thanks!
Betty k posts on 1/7/2005 12:40:28 PM It seems most people on this chat board want a quick review of Ellis Peters books, and it appears that they may be cheating a little bit to get a grade. I recommend that they read one of hers and then they will be hooked. Miss Peters is a great read, although it may take a better education than most of the "chatters" seem to display. I have read all her books and cannot wait for another one. Miss Peters, when is your next book coming out? This e-mail does not need to be kept confidential.
streetz posts on 1/7/2005 10:56:23 AM could someone please put areview up for the thief lord because i have e book report/oral report due tuesday and not enough time.

eric posts on 1/5/2005 11:30:17 PM can someone send me a summary of the book "the summer of the danes" by Ellis Peters please
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