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Conor Travers posts on 12/5/2006 3:32:56 PM Dear Mr Colfer My name is Conor. I am 10 years old and in 4th class. I am a huge fan of yours. i love reading books and you are my favourit author. My class and principal would be honourd if you could pay a visit to our school. It would mean so much to me and my class. I look forward to hearing from you. yours faithfuly Conor
Travis McDonald posts on 12/5/2006 3:32:33 PM Hello Mr. Colfer,my friends and I here in Canada would really like to know what inspired you to write such thrilling fantasy/ mystery/ sci-fi novels?My favourite series is Artemis Fowl, but my favourite single novel is Half Moon Inv. p.s. Will there be a sequel to Half Moon?
Daniel Young posts on 12/4/2006 10:12:10 PM Dear Mr. Colfer I have read all of your books and Artemis Fowl series is my favorite. I wanted to know if a new Artemis book is coming after the Lost Colony. I also wanted to know if i could host a part as Comander Julius Root. You may get alot of these but pease consider mine. P.S. I live in America.

Marcus Dembinski posts on 12/4/2006 8:45:20 PM Dear Mr.Colfer, Hello there I'm Marcus and I'm a big fan of your wonderful Artemis Fowl series, and I had a question I'm currently reading The Opal Deception and I came across the chaper in which Commander Root dies and I was wondering, is Holly found guilty for his death or does Foaly vouch for her and she is forgived?
Liz Cedar posts on 12/2/2006 9:52:58 AM Mr. Colfer, I am almost done with your first book, and I do enjoy the plot line, but I would like to point out a marked inconsistency. On page 178 of the Scholastic Edition, you describe the intricasies of dwarf digestion, and why gas can only be passed "down" as you put it. But only a few pages earlier, page 174, as Mulch is tunneling towards the Fowl mansion, this same character burps. This makes no sense, I would be quite obliged to you if you could explain to me how if no air can come back up, how this miraculous burp occurred.
Nate Brown posts on 12/1/2006 8:35:16 PM To eoin colfer: my name is Nate Brown. i'm writing a movie scripts for your first book. the reason i'm only writing the first now....look what happened to A Series Of Unfortuante Events when they made it a movie: they tried to compress three books into one movie. i think that i will do the same as the guys who made Friday The 13th; do the first, than the second, and so on. your's sincerely, Nate Brown. p.s. is there anyone who could play Artemis or Butler? for Butler i was thinking Vin Diesel, but he's not Eurasian. :)
Verlage posts on 11/30/2006 9:45:26 PM Dear Mr. Colfer, I've been enjoying your books for many years and I love every one of them. I was just wondering how you thought of the name "Koboi" for my favorite fictional character. Could you contact me, please?
Diane Snow-Shafran posts on 11/30/2006 3:12:30 PM To Eoin Colfer, My son met you at Joseph-Beth Bookstore in Lexington, KY recently. I have a class assignment he did last year in 5th grade (got full credit!), which is a letter to his favorite story character (Artemis Fowl) that is so very cute and wanted to send you a copy (just a few lines). I can scan it and send as a tif or jpg file. Where can I send it? Thanks, Diane
kyle posts on 11/20/2006 10:44:49 PM can anyone e-mail me eoin colfers e-mail and/or mailing address... i need it for a E.L.A. project .. pls and thanx
Forrest Roth-Studebaker posts on 11/20/2006 9:06:07 PM I am doing an author study project,and I have decided to do it on you.So I'm wrighting you a letter. The first book I read of your's was The Wish List. I Personaly thought it was an amazing book.I read this book about a year ago(before the author study project began. The second book I read of yours was Artemis Fowl.It was a great book too. The book I'm working on now is The Arctic Insident.I'm having a good time stuying you and reading your books Do you enjoy writing books? Would you please respond? sincerely, Forrest
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