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jacob posts on 6/11/2008 7:37:35 PM Im stuck in teirm-having the chatcters of Eragon-Murtugh and Irya-I dont know where to go next-or what my objective is-or who/what Im looking for-if there is anyone who had gotten to this point and knows what to do-please send any and all information on how to proceed through this part of the game.Thank you for your time and help Jacob age -7
Dawnkit (Smokeclan She-Dra) posts on 1/20/2008 5:43:20 PM I looked around my clan, today was the time i would become a great apprentice of Smokeclan! My claws sank into the ground as a walked throughout the camp wondering who my mentor would be. ((I will join... I think it's cool to be Dragons, but i have no idea what warrior cats
DarkMist (Smokeclan Leader She-Dra) posts on 1/14/2008 2:08:41 PM ((For the heck of it Im rolepaying as a Dragon *shrugs* this board is dead nothing better to do xD))--((BEGINNING INTRO::Alright so this is sort of like warrior cats.HE OR SHE?:: Like in warriors boy cats are called Toms and girls are called She-cats. Here boys will be called He-Dra and girls will be called She-Dra!NAMING:: If you are a new born like with warriors it's called a 'kit' here it's called a "kit" as well since something like Darkcub sounds weird... If your training your called an Apprentice you have a Dragon mentor. The last part of an apprentices name will be 'claw' instead of 'paw'. If you are full grown and trained your leader will pick the last part of your name and you are called 'warriors' like in warrior cats. If you become a leader (I guess I will asign them if anyone starts to post here) the last part of their name will change to 'Mist'*take my name as an example*MEDICINE DRAGONS::Dragons who care for the ill and weak. They have a 'warrior' name like all other Dragons but recieves messages from Moonclan.CLANS:: Alright now for the clans... there is Smokeclan, Sunclan, and Flameclan. (Only Three!xD) ANCESTER CLAN:: They belive there ancester clan is called 'Moonclan'. When they die thats where they go.OPEN SPOTS:: For leaders all positions are open besides Smokeclan! Deputy's *second in cahrge* will also be chosen by leaders. EATING:: They eat any animal! They are huge people! they eat deer, moose, anything they can find^^))---((Okay lots to take in, so this is Role-Playing *play and talk as your character* anyone may join! Ask as many questions as you please!!!I will start off the first Role-Playing Post!)) DARKMIST: My mightly feet smashed the ground as I looked upon my clans. Kits playing apprentices training and mentors teaching. Not many Dragons were alive right now, but they would come back... Dragon's will rule once again.

Rat Dicer posts a message on 12/7/2007 8:24:54 PM this movie was horrible! i feel all alone (tumbleweed)

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