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posts on 5/31/2006 10:55:10 AM I also questioned the lack of continuity and the resurrection of the dead. I asked if Mr. Van Lustbader even read Ludlum. I got the biggest laugh though when he wrote that a chemical that could not withstand heat had to be kept at 32 celcius. It was much too convoluted and too many agendas from too many sources to stay interesting.
Jru posts on 12/10/2005 12:01:39 AM I have recently read the three previous books and have finished Legacy. I enjoyed this book better than Ultimatum. It makes sense that Bourne has to change to some degree because of his time away from "the job" and because of his age. He successfully passes the torch to his son. Though I do believe that Bourne would not just accept this, but because of his calculated nature would get some of Khan's DNA to be sure of his parentage. All in all this book was more fast paced and was far less predictable (except for Khan being Bourne's son).
JD from PE posts on 10/8/2005 8:46:06 AM Now that all of you have confirmed my worries about this book I will never pollute the image of Bourne by reading this book. Since I've never read anything by the author I can't say all his work was the biggest mistake ever. I'll try one of his books soon enough. But as for Jason Bourne, leave him to the man who knew him best.

Andrew Provost posts on 4/29/2005 12:01:53 AM Hello, I have read the Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum years ago. I have enjoyed the two movies with Matt Damon. My memory cannot recall if the movies were totally accurate to the Ludlum books and this is my problem. I believe the movies are close to the original stories. If so, how can in the "Legacy", can Marie go into hiding with Jason's two children, when she is shot in the back of the head and lost underwater at the beginning of the "Supremacy"? Secondly, "Conklin" was Bourne's handler in the "Identity" and is gunned down in the street to tie up loose ends of the Tread Stone Project. How can "Conklin" be murdered in the beginning of the Legacy? The timing of Conklin's death, Marie's death, and Jason's children with Marie just don't allow the “Legacy” to fall in to any plausible time line. I am tempted to reread the Ultimatum just to see where inconsistencies can be further elaborated upon or dispelled. Does any one see these or other problems? As a reader of action/mystery novels the "Bourne Legacy" is reasonable reading, but to join the other three books as an equal is not fair. It doesn't compare.

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