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Ross posts on 7/9/2011 1:49:46 PM My cousin Erich had passed away in 2010. I am sure he would have appreciated your positive feedback.
rohit posts on 7/8/2011 11:31:28 AM hi sir, 'DOCTORS' was my first read english book which has developed my interest in reading.waiting for ur new book.thank u.would love to hear from u soon.i have also read ACTS OF FAITH,THE CLASS.ACTS OF FAITH has really changed my view about life,love&religion which are complementary to each other.pls write back.
Maqbool Khan posts on 11/2/2008 9:15:52 AM Re: Acts of Faith I am re-reading the above. It is absolutely brilliant. Are there any plans to make this into a movie? If so iwould love to be an extra!!! Birmingham UK

Bo¿ena Górnicka posts on 2/28/2008 5:12:02 AM Dear Mr Segal I'm from Poland. When will you write next book?
Aman Raj posts on 10/19/2006 2:14:08 PM Dear Mr Segal... This fan of yours is from India. I happened to watch a bollywood movie, Masoom. 2 days later, got the book from a senior....was amazed at the similarity. But for the tragic end in the novel, and happy end in the movie, i thought the movie was a copy.. was too moved by the storyline..and ofcourse your beholding expression. have read 4 of ur books after that...would like to read more....thanks for the great work...
posts on 7/24/2006 5:26:21 PM Hello. I also just read this book. I was lucky enough to find a copy at a used bookstore. I loved the book very much. Is it true that it is based on real life story? And was it really made into a movie in Japan? Please advise.
posts on 6/18/2006 8:37:49 AM Dear Mr. Segal, I have read and re-read your book Man, Woman, and Child. I understand it was inspired by a Japanese story which later became a film. I am alos told that the story is a real-life one. If so, would you have any details on the Japanese story? Thanking you, Indrani Talukdar
posts on 4/19/2006 4:24:52 PM Hello! I'm a 15 year-old girl from the lovely Philippine Islands. I just finished reading your "Man, Woman and Child" and I absolutely LOVED it! (Ok, I now you probably get fanmail everyday, each proclaiming how they fell in love with your works...) Um, I just wanted to ask what your future plans for it are. I mean, will Jean return to America? Will he and Bob have a good father-son relationship? I just wanted to know. Thank you!
Hunter posts on 4/5/2006 7:46:38 PM That name may be a modified form of the name of one of his relatives--like other characters in Eric's chef d'oeuvres.
Marissa posts on 4/5/2006 12:04:47 PM I am wondering how Erich Segal came up with the name "Marisa Greenfield" in his book "Only Love"?!?
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