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Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 2:00:05 PM [DAWNPAW:] Dawnpaw dug her claws deeper into the ground below her and listned to each and every word her said. His threat didn't bother her as much as realizing as she knew he was telling the truth. "How many... others did he kill?" she growled, meeting his gaze just as harshly. "If you brought me back to your clan for me to be killed out of bloodlust then it would make you just as pathetic as my father," Dawnpaw suddenly spat, tensing up her body. "I'm sorry for what he did, but taking it out on me isn't going to bring your mousebrain leader back," she hissed, making herself as tall as she could to look a bit bigger in size. Dawnpaw wasn't one to be discouraged by a few words from a cat she didn't even know.
Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 1:48:54 PM *His grin vanished quickly. Not believe him?!* ''Yes, cause i just openly joke around about the killing of my dead leader. No, you fleabag. That insane father of yours came here and threatened my mother but Nightstar saved her life by making her leave.'' *He took a couple steps towards her with every word he said. Stormpaw now stood only a foxtails length from her. He looked down at her, his blue eyes burning into hers and whispered.* ''Do you believe now? Or would you like me to take you back to my clan and see how the treat the daughter of great Rippedstar?''
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 1:42:57 PM [DAWNPAW:] The grin that that appeared on the tom's face made Dawnpaw instantly confused. When he spoke though, it didn't hit her at once. It took a moment of just staring at his wicked smirk. The golden she-cat stood silently, letting the rain soak through her fur and reaching her skin. Thunder erupted from the sky, but not even that broke her attention from Stormpaw. "I don't believe you," she hissed narrowing her eyes, glaring at him. Dawnpaw stood her ground, taking a step forward, but suddenly restrained herself from attacking this strange tom. He could probably take her down without much of a fight. Even if Dawnpaw was quite a fighter herself, she mostly used speed and strategy instead of strength and by the look of Stormpaw, it was obvious he was strong.

Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 1:30:34 PM *He bared his teeth not being able to stop himself, Digging his claws into the ground to keep himself from launching forward and ripping the cat to shreds.* ''Stormpaw, Runningstar's son.'' *He smiled gazing at her, he could easily take Rippedstar's daughter and was proud of it. But she seemed as if she had no idea what her father had done. She was completely innocent. But stormpaw thought he would at least be kind enough to tell her of her father's greatest deed just for that first impression.* ''Come back to see the spot were your father killed my Leader in cold blood?'' *Stormpaw grinned.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 1:21:47 PM [DAWNPAW:] Dawnpaw watched him lick his lips and meet hisgaze with a glare. She was slightly itimated by it, but it didn't show on her serious face. "Rippedstar's daughter," she mewed blankly, deciding to be bold with it. "And you?" she asked with the same tone, moving her tail back and forth.
Runningstar (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 1:16:15 PM STORMPAW (WATERCLAN TOM): *Stormpaw looked up as a she-cat padded into his clearing. He glared at her threatening her to come any closer. But other than that he remanded calm, his massive shoulder's laid back with ease. Stormpaw was a excellent fighter and never doubted his skills, but it would lead to his death one day but at the moment that didn't matter.* ''And you are?'' *He licked his lips kinda hopeing he would be able to chase her away from his territory.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 1:02:13 PM ((Oh god, I know xP It took forever to write and it was actually longer but it was too long for it to post >.<)) [DAWNPAW (loner):] The sky turned a light gray color as clouds threatened above. Dawnpaw pinned her ears back as it began to pour transparent drops from the sky. "This better be worth it," she muttered under her breath, scenting the air. A strange scent filled her senses, mant cats have walked by here. Maybe it was the scent of Deathclan? Dawnpaw slowed her pace, following the trail until she caught a cat's scent not to far up ahead. The golden she-cat knew it was a tom, but his scent was different from the one she was tracking. 'There is four other clans...' she remembered Firestream saying to her before she left. Maybe the other scent was another clan. Dawnpaw unsheathed her claws, keeping her ears pinned back. She had always been told she got her agressive attitude when it came down to fighting from her father. Dawnpaw slyly moved forward, keeping herself to the ground until seeing the tom in sight. He was quite handsome, to say in the least. Also quite tall. She shook her head, she knew what it was like to have other cats all over you. Dawnpaw was a looker herself and apperantly the mix of a hardheaded cat and caring attitude made toms want to be around her. Straightening herself out, she decided to approuch him, maybe he knew something on her father. Dawnpaw, came from the shadows of the bushes, tense in case he took her as a threat.
Runningstar (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 12:46:55 PM ((haha good XD it was suppose to be funny!! And wow very long post, but good!)) STORMPAW (WATERCLAN TOM):Stormpaw stalked away from the she-cat, he wasn't close to anyone in the clan and felt safer knowing he could only trust himself. He grimaced as rain began to fall down and padded outside of the camp before bursting forward through the forest trees. He felt free as his paws carried him, every stride longer then the one before, even his muscles rippled with the same strength and pattern of his grandfather. Coming to a stop at the clearing where Rippedstar and Nightstar had battled he sat down, his silver fur soaked now. Slowly he brought his tail around his paws and looked up at the sky, wondering.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 11:48:01 AM (Lmao. I laughed reading Stormpaw's post.) [RIPPEDSTAR:] * MISTCLAN TERRITORY * Deathclan barged through the barriers of Mistclan and yowls of shock beamed from every direction. Rippedstar slyly dodged every cat that came for him, as he focused on his clan. He had to make sure to keep as many members as he could alive for tomorrow's battle. "Eaglepaw! Moonpaw! Get the kits and bring them back to camp with the Queens. There is no point in killing them," he ordered them to do so at once and they litened; feeling honored to have such a task. Rippedstar watched as warriors collided with others, spitting threats and death lines. It made it smile. A very sick smile. No matter how much he wanted to kill, his goal was not to watch as cats began to flee as they feared his clan, but it was to find the leader. He tore through the wrestling cats, until he spotted his pray of the night, which was already laying dead. He was slightly shocked that one of his warriors, had killed such a astrong cat. Maybe it had been Boulderclaw... it really was the only one he saw that could easily kill her. One by one Mistclan cats saw their leader's dead body and went into panic, having no idea what to do without order. "Leave. We own your terrtory now!" Rippedstar hissed over all the battle cries. They fleed. Rippedstar waited for all of them to be gone and called out to the most healthy warriors. "Shadowrose, Jaggedbone, Wildheart, and Saber, take two apprentices with you and make sure they're all far gone. If any stayed behind or some collasped, just kill them," he ordered them from the tree branch he stood on. He left Boulderclaw in charge while he gathered a group of mostly toms to go mark the scents as their own. Deathclan had just destroyed the first of the four clans. *NIGHTCLAN TERRITORY* There was nothing louder than the cries of surprise that echoed in Nightclan's camp. Rippedstar slashed his claws down a senior warriors side, laughing as he did so. "Come on! Don't you want to play," he hissed at the she-cat, circling with with a wicked smirk. She bristled her fur and hid the fear behind her eyes well, but Rippedstar could still sense it. "Where's your leader, mousebrain?" he growled, inching his way forward as he went around her each time. She crouched back and bared her teeth in warning, but it was no threat to such a powerful cat. "Fine," he spat, leaping at her. Her clawed at her until she went fleaing from the battle and into the woods. Rippedstar let her go as he realized their leader was no longer here. (I wasn't sure what to do with Silverstar since that character belongs to Rain... so... yeah xD ) "Get out of here," he growled to a NIghtclan apprentice as he battled against one of Deathclan's apprentices. Shockingly, the simple sight of Rippedstar made the little guy flee from sight. It wans't long until all the Nightclan cats were scrambling to get out and the ones that refused to move were instantly killed. "A queen won't leave her kits, Rippedstar," one of his warriors mewed, looking confused on what to do. How pathetic! The dark gray tome snorted, "Idiot," before pushing past the warrior and darted to the nursery. A black and white queen stood protectively over her kits spitting and hissing threats at him. "Take on step closer, I dare you!" she mewed, flattening her ears. Rippedstar tilted hishead to the side, "I will kill you if you don't leave." His face was blank and serious, not taunting at all. She looked unsure, "It's either being alive or being dead, choose," he growled, stepping closer. The queen tilted her head down, "No wonder Firestream left you behind," she harshly met his gaze, which still held nothing. Rippedstar jumped forward... ** **AFTER BATTLE** ** Rippedstar dragged the queens body from the nursery seeing Nightclan had completely vanished besied some of the dead bodies. Boulderclaw had been right, they did small like rats and they truely were unhealthy and skinny. "We'll rest here for the night and head back home tomorrow," he told his clan before settling down to lick the dried blood of himself. HIs paws tingled still with the adrenaline... he just took down two clans. Or, othward, Deathclan took them down. "I told you I wans't worthless, Bloodstar," he said to himself, his eyes showing how crazy he had become over the recent bloodlust. "See Mother? Father? You should of killed me while you could before I killed you" he slashed his tail back and forth, mumbling on into the night. ((Okay now I got this part over with! Haha))
Runningstar (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 9:09:35 AM *Runningstar padded out of the tunnel her black fur ruffled, and her blue eyes sparkled in the low moon light. Even by know you could tell she was no longer the small simple cat she use to be. She lay down with a small rabbit and quickly finished it in seconds. While grooming herself she began to think of the task that was ahead of her; picking waterclan's new deputy. She could only think of a few in mind that she saw fit, but only one cat stood out. Proud with her decision she stood and began her long journey back into familiar territory. Runningstar wasn't just coming back with her new nine lives, or into her new role as leader, she wanted revenge for what had happened to her father, and nothing would stop her... BOULDERCLAW: *He nudged all the warriors awake that were suppose to be leaving for there attack on Mistclan. Boulderclaw's paws tingled with excitement at the thought of the up coming battle. He sat quietly as the camp began to come alive, even sitting down Boulderclaw towered over most cats not many would want to come againist him in the heat of battle.* STORMPAW (WATERCLAN TOM): (( This is Runningstar's son she had before becoming deputy, and he looks alot like Nightstar. Ironic? XD)) *Stormpaw stalked out of the apprentice den along with a few others, his silver fur standing out no matter the fact he was bigger than most of them. His dark blue eyes showed no emotion as he padded over to the fresh kill pile, taking a quick glance at the entrance to the camp with hope that his mother and leader would burst through the walls. It had only been a couple day's since Nightstar's death and everything seemed to be in order. As Stormpaw took his first bite of his thrush, he felt eyes on him as he saw one of the new apprentice she-cats walking up to him. He grimaced at the thought of having to talk to her. Stormpaw was huge compared to his other clan mates and had become rather famous do to looking exactly like his old leader Nightstar. Famous especially with the she-cat's ((hehe, stormpaw here is a very nice looking tom XD))
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