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Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/29/2009 4:28:37 PM ((That's fine ^^)) [RIPPEDSTAR:] The tom turned around and padded inside of the dark cave-like den that led into a small room with a spot of moss. Rippedstar sat down upon it, looking at his face in the near by puddle that leaked through from the last rainstorm. He narrowed his eyes and growled seeing the scar that now ran across his face.Rippedstar smiled wildly, "I'll show everyone," he murmured under his breath. "Here that Starclan? I'm going to destroy this forest. You here?" with that he shut his eyes, still smiling to himself and drifted off into a deep slumber. (Okay, has Rippedstar gone crazy much? xD) [GHOSTSTEP:] The light gray tom watched as the nightfall began and warriors were coming back with their apprentices from past training. Ghoststep dipped his head to some of them as they passed by, getting a piece of freshkill and heading toward their den. ((Next post I'm going to just post Deathclan attacking Mistclan and Nightclan. It's going to be one hel l of post! xD))
Runningbrook (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/29/2009 2:16:00 PM ((I'm not going to go through the whole getting the nine lives thing, just the next time I post I'll be a leader haha k?:])) *Runningbrook remained silent except for the small noise of her paw's hitting the ground as she ran. She tried her best to keep her mind away from her father and look forward so she could protect her clan as needed. But Rippedstar's victorious howl still rang in the back of her head, making it hard to think. She lenghtened her stride as long as her small black legs would allow, she hated to be in unfamilar territory. As night began to fall Runningbrook's pads became sore making it hard for her to keep a steady pace. She stopped to catch her breath before slowly making her way down the tunnel. And when she came back up she would not longer be the same cat she use to be.* BOULDERCLAW (DEATHCLAN DEPUTY TOM): *Boulderclaw stared blankly back at Rippedstar as he reminded him of his old age.* ''Sure, sure that will be fine.''
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/29/2009 10:30:48 AM [RIPPEDSTAR:] Rippedstar thought about it only for a moment, "We will leave a little less than half. We will want all the cats we can possably have," he mewed, getting to all four paws and stretched out his back. He wrinkled his nose, feeling the long, deep scar Nightstar had left across his cheek, just missing the inside corner of his eye. Rippedstar was lucky that old mousebrain didn't take out his eye. "I'm going to get some rest, Boulderclaw. I keep forgetting that I'm almost as old as that dead fleabag," he met Boulderclaw's gaze with ease. It was true that Rippedstar was getting old and the reason reason he was still alive was his ambitions to drive him forward. Nightstar would be living too if he hadn't gotten so sick. [GHOSTSTEP:] Ghoststep watched his leader eat the herbs with a saddened expression. "Of course," he replied, joining the other cats as she announced he was in charge. His clanmates gave him a brief look and seemed to approve he was in charge while she was gone. After she jumped down Ghoststep watched as she disappeared from camp. "Good luck, Runningbrook," he muttered; praying to Starclan Deathclan wouldn't catch her when she passed through. Ghoststep sat down gratefully in the middle of camp, keeping an eye on everyone. ((Haha, kaii xD))

Runningbrook (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/28/2009 11:11:38 PM ((Ghoststep will be fineXD haha)) *Runningbrook looked at Ghoststep, her eyes glistening with grief. She nodded and slowly bent down sniffing the herb before eating. Finishing quickly she smiled at Ghoststep trying to show encouragement but it didn't reach her eyes.* ''Thank you. Since i'll be leaving i think as senior warrior you will do just fine with looking over everything. I will tell the clan what happened before i leave to recieve my lifes, and will inform them you are incharge.'' *She glanced at him before padding towards the rock in the center of the camp and leap onto it. Runningbrook didn't have to call the clan for a meeting, for everyone was already waiting. With all eyes on her she began to recall the story of how Rippedstar threatened her life and how Nightstar ordered her to leave. The clan remanded silent as she finished. Closing her eyes for a second she silently grieved for her father. her bright blue eyes sparkled as she announced that she as deputy was know to be leader and how she would be leaving tonight to recieve her lifes.* ''Ghoststep will remain in charge while i am absent, all aprentices training will be need to be faster. As you can see deathclan is back and as strong as ever, we must be prepared for anything!* ''She climbed down the rock and took a couple strides toward nightstar said her last goodbyes and sprinted outside the camp walls, her small black body disappearing.* BOULDERCLAW: He grinned mischeifiously. ''I think that will be fine. I will go and tell the warriors here soon of are morning departure. Should we only take half the clan to protect this territory and the other half to protect the Mistclan territory as well?'' *Boulderclaw pinned his ears to his head as a strong wind passed through the camp, ruffling his gray fur. He haunched his huge shoulders waiting.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/28/2009 6:39:41 PM [RIPPEDSTAR:] It looked almost as if Boulderclaw was shocked at his warning of Runningbrook. Over the past moons Rippedstar has learned to never underestimate a cat, no matter how weak or pathetic they looked... espcially if you just killed someone very close to them. Yeah, that does tend to make a difference in strength and determination to kill him or his clan mates. The massive tom ran his tongue along his dark striped sides, his thoughts mustered with the recent lives he has taken. Though, the one he will remember most was killing his own leader; that brought the best things he has had into his life. After Boulderclaw was done reporting of what happened while he was on his little journey, he gave a slight nod. "In that case, we'll take down Mistclan first and then Nightclan. We want to fight the strongest clan first and get them out of the way. I plan on attacking tomorrow, if that is okay with you, Boulderclaw," a devilish smirk appeared appeared to his face at the last part. Tomorrow was quite sooner than cats were prepared for, but the sooner, the better. "Then Deathclan can sleep at Mistclan's camp while I send out patrols to mark Mistclan's territory as our own. When dawn breaks the next morning I believe we'll be strong enough to take Nightclan. We have to attack directly after because we don't want them to have any time to prepare," Rippedstar finished lowering his head slightly in thought process. He had thought this all the way through and he knew this was full proof. No clan would have a chance against them. [GHOSTSTEP (Waterclan Tom):] The light gray tom gracefully stepped into the middle of the clearing with a soft yawn. The news about Nightstar had spread around like wild fire, but it wasn't annouced how he died yet. Ghoststep flicked his eyes around the sheltered camp and finally spotted Runningbrook, their new chosen leader. Their medicine cat was currently out picking herbs, so he decided to get some poppy's for Runningbrook for her journey. Silently, Ghoststep crept into the medicine den and brought a few poppys back out with him. He knew which herbs to give only because he had remembered Nightstar taking them before his first journey too. Briefly grieving over the old memories of his past leader; he padded up to Runningbrook. "You have a long journey ahead of you," he set the leaf down that held the poppy and smiled, "you'll need them." ((I can be if you want xD Or I mean, Ghoststep ^^))
Runningbrook (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/28/2009 4:56:40 PM *She lay with her nose pressed to her father's fur, breathing in his familar scent. Opening her eyes slowly she saw the rest of the clan outside huddled around her. The morning sun's light was just now hovering over the dark tree line. Runningbrook knew she would have to travel to highstones before assigning her new deputy. She stood her muscles sore from laying in the same position all night. Stretching she recalled the previous day's events. Seeing her father's ragged body laying on deathclan's territory as she replayed the ring of rippedstar's victory howl. She dug her claws into the ground. Runningbrook was never a blood thirsty cat, but she knew Rippedstar must be stopped or more of her clan mates would fall, exactly like her father.* ((WATERCLAN NEEDS A DEPUTY! INTERESTED?? hahaXD))BOULDERCLAW (DEATHCLAN DEPUTY): Boulderclaw's eyes flicked at the mention of waterclan's new leader. Surely rippedstar wasn't feeling threatened by the small black she-cat. He pushed Rippedstar's warning out of his head and began to recall what events had happened during there leader's absence.* ''Nothing much. Sunbird has been showing her loyalty rather well. Ran into a couple nightclan cats, no worries, they were easily beaten. A warrior told me that they seemed very thin and weak and smelled of rats.'' *boulderclaw waited for Rippedstar's reply.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/27/2009 5:38:36 PM [RIPPEDSTAR:] The tom admired his deputy's amusement. It was rare, very rare, to find any cat with the same interest as his own. "Nightstar's daughter, Runningbrook, was with him, but I told him to dismiss her if he didn't want me to hurt her. The furball did just that and got himself killed," Rippedstar mewed smiling. "Once she claims herself as leader she's going to be a pest, but she is strong. So, if you run into her, keep your guard up," his whiskers twitched at his words, remembering her warning howl. "She is definately keen of revenge," he concluded, gazing at Boulderclaw. "Did anything happen while I was gone?" he only asked because the clan's had finally figured out that Deathclan was still around and had been patroling their boardering non-stop in attempt to threaten them to stay away.
Runningbrook (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/27/2009 5:32:10 PM BOULDERCLAW: *Boulderclaw sat down waiting patiently for his leader to get to the point about where he was and what he possible could have been up to. He had the urge to laugh at what Rippedstar had said but quickly thought otherwise as he found out it was only Nightstar's blood.* ''Wow, sounds like fun. Did you run into any of his mouse brain warriors or was it just the old mousebrain?'' *Boulderclaw chuckled to himself.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/27/2009 5:26:06 PM [RIPPEDSTAR:] Rippedstar looked up at Boulderclaw's voice, seeing the worry and frustration on his deputy's face. "Well... I am covered in blood, Boulderclaw," he mewed, wiping a paw across his face where Nightstar had left a perminent scar. "So I could of only been doing one thing," he pointed out, but after giving himself a few more licks down his gray side he continued. "I went down to the Moonpool and went for a little swim," he smirked. That's right... Rippedstar splashed around in Moonpool where the leaders got their lives and Medicine cats got their visions. There was only a drop of water left in it. "Then I decided to kill Nightstar on my way back," Rippedstar made it sound like a daily routine.
Runningbrook (Waterclan Leader She-cat) posts on 7/27/2009 5:18:01 PM BOULDERCLAW: *He sat in the shadow of the warriors den, his amber eyes the only thing visable. He watched as Rippedstar's dark figure came into view. Boulderclaw stalked over to him.* ''Where have you been?!''
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